New lining paper pulling off plaster

25 Jun 2016
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

My husband and FIL did a great job putting up 1400 grade lining paper in a bedroom. The walls were thoroughly prepped, filled, rubbed and sized, the paper soaked and sealed with base coat after hanging, and everything nicely done. They used the method of leaving a small gap between the drops and then filling it with filler and sanding the resulting finish, to make a seamless plastered look.

However, there is one part of the wall where the plaster underneath is less stable than they thought. After filling the gap between the seams, the plaster behind the paper started to crumble. This may be because the moisture in the filler loosened up the very old plaster, or possibly it was just a bad patch they didn't notice before.

However, it looks bad. It has pushed up the seam and paper, there is a crack and when you touch the area it feels very friable. When you look at the edge of the seams you can see the paper has pulled up about Half a cm of plaster with it. The crumbly chunk is maybe 10 cm long by 5 wide.

FIL and husband recommend hanging a picture over it and moving on, though I'd like to fix the underlying problem.

Do I have to remove both drops, remove the bad plaster and replaster? Could I cut out the patch of paper with a blade and then fill the hole? To cover it should I fill it or try to put a small piece of paper over it? Does this suggest a bigger underlying problem?
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I think I would go with FIL and Hubby myself.
If you remove two drops you will have trouble where you have filler at the ends of the paper left.

You can try cutting back and repairing the hole then paste a piece of paper about 1 inch bigger all round over after dampening the existing paper to soften the paste . lay the new paper on top and use a very sharp knife (the snap off blades are best then you can use a fresh edge for each cut) with a metal rule to cut through both layers pull out the 1 inch strip of the old paper brush the patch down and carefully mask the join with filler. It will be a pig to do and you risk messing up the job you have done (and your fingers) if you slip but it is possible.

I reckon you will always see a slight mark because you know it's there.
Get them to treat you to a nice picture you fancy and forget it, nobody will ever know unless the are looking for a hidden wall safe!;)
When rubbing down pre the paper they should have spotted the defect. Maybe when they sized the wall pre papering it the plaster blew.

This happens a lot on on plaster and lath walls, but then the mortar is lime mix and 90 years old.

I'm a bit OCD so id have to sort it. Just remember with care you can obiterate a patch in to lining paper the same way is it was deseemed on the verticals drop already done.

Best method has been covered in the previous post. Stabilizer should be coated on the indent after taking off the crumbly plaster surface prior to filling. Normal filler, rub back and then fine surface filler. Then paper etc.

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