lintel doorway

  1. R

    Steel lintel for patio door

    Anyone know what size and style lintel to go in a 3M wall where the patio door is 2.1M? Previously a window and block
  2. M

    door aperture height

    Hi , I'm putting a lintel in and need to cut out the aperture for door . I wondered if there was a recommended standard height between the floor to the under surface of a lintel for a standard door(1981mm high)? Do you simply add the height of the door(1981mm)and the thickness of the door frame...
  3. C

    Potential disaster in the making or not?

    So our first floor maisonette flat had two windows and a doorway into our living room from the entrance way. They were very dated, so we removed the windows and door but kept the frame, thinking we would do something with it at a later date as we had other renovations to focus on. Today I got...
  4. Alex93

    Barn door track installation

    Hi all! I'm hoping someone may be able to help me out... I'm wanting to install a double barn door over the kitchen opening to keep out pesky pets whilst cooking. I have the doors and track kit all ready to go however due to having a picture rail and coving around door will need to install a...
  5. R

    single garage build steel lintel advice

    good morning not sure this is the correct area but this is my first post so please tell me if there is a better area for it! im just starting a build on a single storey attached garage and have realised that to get the opening size I want, I need to forget the brick pillar next to existing wall...
  6. D

    Rotten lintel and joists

    Hi folks, I‘ve encountered some rot on our Victorian terrace home and I’d very much appreciate some advice. Firstly, a couple of joists closest the front door were totally rotten- I think the old doorbell wire was acting as as a wick and directing water onto them for a hundred years or more...
  7. rt89

    Removing a wall to access eaves - IMAGE Hi all, I hope you can help - I'm reasonably handy with small DIY jobs but know nothing about building work and so please be kind if I sound stupid! I'm hoping to remove a wall with a view to accessing and boarding the eaves and wanted some advice. From the...
  8. T

    Padstone for Bifold Steel beam?

    Hi I have a single storey extension going in with a 4m long bifold to the garden, it is likely that due to this span we would be installing this steel with welded plate as you’ve shown in your detail drawing. My question is: Where this steel is supported at either side of the bifold, will the...
  9. R

    Garage conversion & doorway opening

    hi all, I have trawled through the threads to no avail, if I have missed something please forgive me but after days of searching I’m seeking advice. I am at the start of converting existing garage into a living room. BC have been informed and a structural engineer has done his job. Firstly...
  10. K

    Failed/blown concrete lintels - replace or repair?

    Two inner concrete lintels(100x~250) supporting 1/2 of external 30s solid walls, one supports a 1.8m window opening in 1st floor (carrying 3 courses and roof) and the other a 2m window opening in ground floor (supporting 10 courses and then an exact size window opening in 1st floor), are blown...
  11. 0tto

    Removal / raising of old wooden lintel to ceiling height

    Good afternoon, This is my first post on DIYnot :) I live in a bungalow and am about to knock through from my old kitchen (which is becoming a bedroom) into the cloakroom toilet. I will then make a stud wall in the old kitchen to make the cloakroom big enough to fit a shower cubicle. I have...
  12. S

    Lintel on breeze blocks

    I am to open the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The wall is bearing the load of joist of a bedroom above it. There is no other wall above it nor stud wall just the joists. I am looking at installing 2700x100x65 lintel. My question is what is the minimum length on the breeze block...
  13. A

    Do I need a Lintel??

    My builder has knocked a doorway from the side of the house into a new garage hes built. I noticed there was no lintel above the new doorway and he said it doesn't need one as the wooden frame acts as one (the wooden door surround etc). This doesn't sound correct to me but Im not a builder. Can...