1. G

    Waterproofing kitchen upstands after fitting floor

    Just fitted some LVT in the kitchen and had to cut under some upstairs/side panels to slide the boards under. Am about to fit the plinths (which I've painted the edges of to give some protection against spills and mopping) but am left with a bare edge on the upstand. Don't want to silicon it...
  2. E

    LVT Click Underlay Suggestions

    Hi, I’m laying Click LVT to my kitchen and downstairs hallway - about 15m2 in total. I have an old concrete floor to lay on but where it’s been latexes over the years, there is some slight undulation peaks/troughs. I’m also over laying some old asbestos floor tiles in the hall. Is there a...
  3. 2

    Can LVT Glue melt?

    Hello, I recently had a garage conversion done, the subfloor is concrete; on top of that, the builder laid plywood and stuck Karndean glue on LVT using Karndean-supplied universal adhesive. I also got gas underfloor heating installed under it. The issue is that when I turned the underfloor...
  4. kminbuildinghell

    Floor disaster

    Wondering if anyone could shine some light om my flooring? Ive got amtico spacia, ontop of an electrical ufh system which has been set into a screed. Its been done by a professional but after 2 weeks the floor started bubbling, and the mat that the cables sit in has buckled in several areas of...
  5. F

    LVT Floating flooring in utility room - safe with washing machine?

    We are getting quick step LVT installed in our utility room. We are now panicking and wondering whether we should've gone with tiling. Isn't a washing machine too heavy to be resting on this floor? Won't vibrations cause issues? Also if there's a leak the water can technically get trapped...
  6. MrsRenovator

    LVT window sill front trim

    I have very deep window sills in the bathroom, (450mm deep) and I want to put LVT golden oak on them. The walls and reveals are painted, and there is no bullnose or overhang at all. So it's just the depth of the lvt on the front flush edge that will need disguising. Unless I cut a 25mm strip and...
  7. C

    Plasterboard as part of subfloor for LVT

    Hi. First time to post to this forum so forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, but I have scoured the internet for guidance on this and have struggled to find any pointers to my scenario... I have started a complete refurb of my bathroom, have ripped everything out and will be doing...
  8. robodelfy

    First time fitting LVT planks, help? :)

    Hi I fell out with the guy who was meant to fit my karndean floor in my kitchen. He said my floor couldn't be made flatter, and it had 8cm undulations. I levelled it with fibre self levelling compound from mapei, and now it's much better. I have karndean opus planks. They reccomend using...
  9. robodelfy

    Flooring job nightmare, am I crazy?

    I posted a bit about this recently but it got worse. Just looking for opinions I got a quote for laying Karndean in my kitchen and bathroom. I went around with a 1m straight edge and found 10/12mm dips in the kitchen, the guy said some latex levelling compound would sort it out. I also asked...
  10. robodelfy

    LVT tiles gone wrong, how to prep for ceramic..?

    I just had a guy lay LVT tiles in my 3sqm bathroom. I prepped the floor a bit, and he said it would be fine. He laid 6mm ply and then the LVT tiles, and you could see all kinds of lumps and bumps. I complained that it was his job to deal with the sub floor or at least not tell me its fine when...
  11. robodelfy

    LVT Karndean flooring job problems, please help!

    I had a guy booked to do Karndean LVT flooring in my bathroom and kitchen (50 5 star reviews on google), he came to do the quote I asked 'is the floor ok, is it flat enough'. He said yeah its fine, 6mm ply will cover up all the unevenness. I even said 'is 6mm ply enough, seems very thin' and he...
  12. D

    Putting down lvt

    Based on prior diy experience of furniture self-assembly only, I have set myself on an ambitious project of laying amtico click smart lvt throughout the house except bathrooms and kitchen although might bring someone in to do the stairs. I’ve read up forum posts on the topic and my plan is: 1)...
  13. B

    Karndean in loft (sounds insulation)

    Planning to fit LVT in two loft conversion rooms - approx 40 sqm. I already have the Karndean feather finish, and 6mm ply sheets. I want to sounds insulate mainly against impact noise. What product should I use (I also ideally want to use up the ply sheets I've already bought)?
  14. compact

    LVT or Engineered Oak over a Wet UFH

    We are trying to decide on LVT or Engineered Oak over a Wet UFH in the kitchen. The floor is 50% suspended concrete, 50% suspended timber There is no insulation under the concrete. We want to minimise the buildup, as we don't want a huge step between rooms and at the bottom of the stairs (not...