1. C

    Replacing Kitchen End Panel

    Hi, I’m replacing an MDF kitchen end panel which has blown due to a leaking washing machine. There appears to be silicone in-between the top of the original panel and the silestone worktop. Is this just general clear silicone or is there a specific brand/type I need to purchase? Thanks in...
  2. R

    MDF types - Melamine, "Velvet", "Finsa 12Twenty". What's the difference?

    Dear DIYNot forum members, I'm in the market for some MDF and, depending on the supplier, I keep bumping into different finish options: standard melamine, "Velvet", "Finsa 12Twenty". For example: The descriptions on the vendors' websites look like something generated by ChatGPT AI and I can't...
  3. R

    How to add quadrant to this stringer?

    I have a winder staircase that has a section of stringer that has three cuts that form a sort of curve. The corners of the cuts have been rounded a bit too. I’d like to add a quadrant to the top of the stringer - I was going to use a rip cut of a bullnose mdf architrave here because the...
  4. W

    Polycrylic paint

    Hi I've just built a MDF entertainment unit that I considering coating in Polycrylic paint, is it worth it? They'll be a lot of banging on it by the children.
  5. H

    Repairing MDF WM Door - advice please

    All Can I get some advice please. Read the various threads and this is nearest to my issue, but not exact problem. I want to seal an MDF door for an integrated WM - pictures below. The front is looks fine but inside base and inside top corners have split. What should I use to seal the areas...
  6. D

    DIY MDF Skirting

    This is an attempt at homemade MDF Skirting. It's the moisture proof MDF that my husband cut himself. I've tried to prime and paint them but was left with a rough finish. The photo shows where I have tested by sanding with sanding machine and painted one coat of satinwood. Even though I've...
  7. V

    Plywood or MDF?

    Hi I need to replace the wood behind my bathroom sink and toilet that boxes in the pipework at floor level. The original was Plywood but I was thinking of using MDF instead since it has a smooth surface and will be easier to paint to a nice finish. I presume there are no advantages to using...
  8. W

    MDF storage unit /entertainment unit

    Hi What thickness of MDF do people recommend for a storage unit. It will be self supporting off the floor and fit onto a end wall measuring 3m x 2.4m. The base unit including the circulation space behind will be about 600mm deep, the cupboards and shelves etc. above will be set back and total...
  9. RichieSixty

    Paint/Seal/Prime MDF Shelves for Shed

    I've bought a cheap metal shelving unit for the shed that has MDF shelves. As it might get humid in the shed, I want to paint/seal the MDF. Can anyone suggest any products that might work? Couple I've found: ZINSSER SELF-PRIMING PAINT SATIN WHITE 1LTR ZINSSER BULLS EYE 1-2-3 PRIMER-SEALER 1LTR...
  10. R

    What caused this bumpy texture ?

    So I had some MDF skirting and architraves refitted and painted as part of an insurance job and I think they rushed the painting - the skirting and architraves are painted with dulux satinwood in grey, and they have a visible bumpy texture. I think maybe they sprayed an undercoat over...
  11. N

    Window Board Width : Sourcing

    Hey We have some fairly deep windows in our home. Looking at the window the existing boards are about 110-130cm horizontally /width /length? about 20mm thick and depth from bullnose to actual window is about 60-60cm Looking to replace them with moisture-resistant mdf one, but all suppliers on...
  12. Y

    MDF dining table

    Hi All, My MDF dining table was starting to look tired. I’ve tried to renew it over the last couple of days but it’s not turned out as expected! I sanded and then applied 2 coats of primer (then sanded again) and then have applied 3 coats of Ronseal walnut varnish. I was hoping for a more...
  13. Ukman2021

    Caulking or wood filler

    I've just built a TV and fireplace recess unit using mdf. Some of the mdf boards were cut to short and there is little gaps between some of the mdf boards within the shelving unit, should I just use caulk to fill up the gap or would I have to use wood filler? Also where the mdf boards meets...
  14. J

    Plasterboard ceiling with multifinish and mdf stair opening. can I joint them?

    I have to sort out a detail which seem very tricky. I have ceiling with multifinish which stops at the stair opening and then I have the stair opening itslef which need to be wrapped up with MDF to have a strong edge whcih carry over to the above flooring. I would like to have a seamless on...
  15. bettz1

    Glued mirror on mdf advice

    Hi after some advice I used mirror mate on a large mirror I had for the gym garage and attached it to some mdf that I cut 140x140 and painted white. The mirror has been hung on the garage wall for about a year but I've noticed it's got damp in the top right corner and has a little mold on it,it...
  16. M

    Adult high level single bed frame from MDF

    Is it possible to make a bed frame for a 200kg adult that is only supported on the floor by 60mm X 60mm square legs in the corners. This will be over a bench so I can have a computer bench/table underneath and be able to sit under the bed to work and sleep in the bed above.
  17. T

    MDF painting cock up?

    I’m going a little bit nuts over painted MDF. Had a large built in wardrobe made. Self painted with Leyland MDF primer x 3 coats. Top coated with x 3 leyland acrylic eggshell. Months later there was a smell that wouldn’t go away - either the MDF or the paint, very hard to tell as not everyone...
  18. D

    Best type of material for alcove shelf/desk

    I am looking to build a shelf/desk in an alcove. The alcove is 96cm wide and for argument sake the depth would be 100cm so looking at 1m sq sheet of material. The desk would support laptop, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc and would be supported by a baton along the 2 sides of the alcove but not...
  19. T

    Furniture repair

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to fix this type of damage please? (Please see photo) I have a few similar damaged areas across a number of furniture but this is one of the worse. I also have damage on a flat surface and heard colorfill was good and has good...
  20. bettz1

    Best tool to cut Bath Panel Mdf

    Finally getting round to changing the bath panel from a cheap plastic front to a wooden mdf front. I'm a bit nervous about cutting it down,what tool would be best to do the job? Dad mentioned a jigsaw ?? Heavy duty saw Hacksaw Circular saw Any ideas?