1. A

    Blocked MDPE pipe

    I DIY’ed a MDPE pipe from a tap at the house front to back into the garden (buried, about 20 meters length). It did work flawlessly for a few weeks, but doesn’t anymore - possibly air blocked? I did open it where it was connected to the tap, everything seems fine with the pressure. Am running...
  2. J

    MDPE Lead Loc Plus - does it need to be exact size???

    Hi there. I have measured the lead pipe and it's 22mm.. I bought 2 MDPE Lead Loc Plus for 7lb, 23mm lead before accurately measuring. My question is do they need to exact match ie what's the tolerance as I read it's better to get a 22mm fitting for a 23mm pipe and shave it down so it's...
  3. N

    Yellow MDPE used for mains water

    Hi all, I need some advice. Our stopcock is peeing water in the basement. It's right next to the electricity meter and fuse board. We can't find an external street meter or stopcock and the water board hasn't a clue where the feed is. So I've excavated the back yard and exposed the pipework...
  4. Romford_Pele

    Running MDPE up to loft?

    Hi, I’m replacing my old lead mains pipe with a new 25mm MDPE pipe, which Thames Water are kindly helping with free of charge. I had planned to terminate the MDPE pipe under my stairs, switch to 22mm and then run through the rest of my house. My new hot water cylinder and boiler are in my loft...
  5. S

    Lead Pipe replacement

    Hello I'm having a lead pipe replaced with 25 mm MDPE up to the stop cock After the stop cock what is the best pipe to use. I was thinking 25 mm MDPE has a large bending radius and something more flexible would be beneficial. PEX?? 22 mm??
  6. C

    32mm MDPE - Bury fitting with testing?

    Title was meant to say "bury without testing?" I've got a long 32mm mains water run, 160m, so a join was pretty much inevitable. The pipe is laid in twinwall ducting and this will be the only joint until it reaches its final destination. I've used a Philmac joiner, which I've used before and...
  7. C

    MDPE for internal install?

    1950's Bungalow, on it's original old lead water main. Stop cock is in a cupboard in the middle of the floorplan. I've had a 25mm Blue MDPE pipe brought up to the bungalow ready to replace the old main, it's earmarked for connection in about 6 weeks. Currently the new pipe terminates at a Brass...
  8. C

    Garden water pipe elbow - how to insulate

    Hi I’ve got an outside tap with blue mdpe pipe. 2 questions 1)I’d like to insulate it - guessing with the standard grey foam tubes. do I insulate the wider elbow connections and how/what with? 2) What’s the best way to paint the insulation so it blends in on the render wall. Thanks in advance.
  9. T

    Gas pipe / tracpipe under newly built floating kitchen floor

    Hi all Having kitchen re-done by a builder (tearing down a wall.and new higher roof at the end) Also the kitchen is currently a concrete paved area, floor level 18cm below the rest of the (Victorian) house, which is suspended timber. I'm planning to do the floor myself to save a bit on costs...
  10. Sappy73

    Fitting an electric shower in a detached garage

    hi all, We have a detached garage which I want to install an electric shower to wash the dogs in using a huge (old school art room) Belfast sink which we are putting in. Grey water is sorted as going into nearby drain. We have installed 25mm mdpe pipe 800mm underground insulated in 110mm pipe...
  11. G

    MDPE fittings

    Evening, I think I've made a mistake with a MDPE fitting for my new water supply pipe. Basically not pushed the pipe far enough in. Its not leaking (yet!) but now its dark outside there's not much I can do. Tomorrow is it simply a case of unscrewing the fitting and pushing the pipe in all the...
  12. G

    New water supply install

    Morning all, I'm putting in a new water supply pipe and relocating the stopcock. Where the pipe enters the house I need to put it into 4'' pipe and insulate. It will need to go through 90 degrees to come up into the house. Does MDPE bend enough for a 100mm 90 degree elbow to be ok or will I...
  13. G

    Connecting new / replacement supply pipe

    Morning, I am about to replace my water supply pipe with a new stop cock and 25mm MDPE. Thames Water have quoted almost £1K to reconnect to the water main just outside my boundary. Not keen… Can I just connect the new 25mm MDPE pipe to the old lead pipe via a ¾’’ to 25 mm MDPE straight...
  14. G

    Do I need a new communication pipe?

    Morning, I'm going to replace my old 15mm water pipe (lead?) with 25mm mdpe. Ill be doing the trench and laying the pipe etc for Thames Water to connect. Query is should I get the communication pipe replaced which is almost certainly 15mm? People generally seem not to and get much better flow...
  15. S

    63mm MDPE inserts, are they needed?

    I have to join two pieces of 63mm MDPE, the coupler came with plastic inserts. I always thought they were to help avoid crushing the pipe. The MDPE pipe is so thick i wouldnt think i could crush it if i tried, therefore why is it supplied? The pipe is having pumped grey water through it and i...
  16. C

    MDPE or Copper through the wall ? Best option

    I'm currently trying to complete bringing water into my garage and cant seem to find an answer as to what is best practice. Bringing 20mm MDPE up the ouside of my garage wall, is it best to use a 90bend bringing the MDPE through the wall and then use a reducer to change over to 15mm copper pipe...
  17. M

    Water main upgrade but with small 15mm section inline?

    Hi all, I'm hoping to upgrade my incoming lead water main with 32mm MDPE in an effort to increase the water flow. However, there would be a small section, 1 metre perhaps, where I need to drop it down to 15mm copper before it splits to service cold water outlets around the house, including...
  18. F

    I want to change from combi to unvented

    Hi all 4 bed detached, two bathrooms and cloakroom, 16 rads, and 4 people including two young children. Out hot water demands are growing by the day and if it wasn't already awful for just the two of us, our 10 year old Ravenheat combi boiler is proving entirely insufficient for our water...