nest 2nd gen

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    38CDI: doesn't fire on heat demand, and Grundfos UPM3 stuck

    The cold snap made me switch heating on for first time in 6 months which has caused 2 unrelated problems on a well maintained Worcester Bosch 38CDI. Grateful for any advice on: 1) boiler doesn't respond to Nest thermostat 1's call for heat, either wirelessly or on manual override next to the...
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    Nest thermostat installation

    Hi all, Apologies another nest thermostat query re installation. Reading the other pages has been helpful and think I'm nearly there. Current set up: from mains fuse box 3 core cable to isolation switch - then a Live and Neutral come off and go to control panel (currently centaurplus c27), a...
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    2nd Generation Nest Heat Link to Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE

    Hi new to this forum and seen some good detailed posts on commissioning my Nest Heat link/thermostat. I have carried out the following. 1. Removed existing link cable in Boilers terminal block - see attached picture 2. Installed and wired the Heat link to the mains (240v) and connected...
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    Can I wire my Nest thermostat to the Heat Link?

    I bought Nest Gen 2 a few years ago. Didn’t realise the thermostat connects to heat link via mesh, and so they have to be close. Our boiler is upstairs, but for obvious reasons the thermostat has to be downstairs. Many times we’ve woken up to a cold house because the thermostat lost connection...
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    Nest - heatlink clicking boiler not turning on

    Hi, I am installing a 2nd gen Nest on an ideal logic + boiler The heatlink is paired up with the nest and when I turn on the heatlink clicks but the boiler doesn't power up. Below is a picture of the heat link and boiler wiring. Please help! Thanks
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    Upgrade Nest to Nest 3rd gen with HW control. Easy?!

    Hi, I would love to get advice on upgrading my Nest thermostat to the Nest version 3 that controls your HW apart from heating. I have the Nest that just controls your heating. My condensing boiler is the Glow-Worm Ultracom 38hxi and the Nest Heat link is connected to the boiler and within 1m...
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    Wiring 2nd Generation Nest Heat Link to Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE a

    Hi all, I think this is be a fairly simple job but just want to make sure I'm doing what I think I should before I go ahead with it. I need to install a wireless Nest thermostat (so not connected directly to the boiler). I have a Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE a combi. Currently I have a Salus wireless...