1. B

    Advice -What budget bath and waste/overflow?

    Hi All I’m looking to renew a plastic/fibreglass standard bath 1700x700. I’m noticing a LOT of new ones are of poor quality, some you can even see through them!! I’ve seen a good reviews of the Selco Norton bath at 5mm thick. They sell a complete suite with it and it’s good reviews...
  2. Markso552

    External/internal overflow constantly dripping

    I have recently had a new boiler fitted, viessman vitodens 100w, and since then my external overflow has been constantly dripping, i dont know if its due to the boiler change or just a coincidence. While lying in bed last night i heard a constant rush of water from the airing cupboard, and when...
  3. Doc_Jam

    Unvented cylinder constantly dripping (Ed.)

    Hi All Hoping for a bit of plumbing help. Our tundish is always dripping. It always (and I mean always) drips, 24/7 but since the heating has been back on its more like a flow of water as pictured. I assume its an overflow from the hot water tank but I dont understand why it would always be...
  4. D

    Hopper overflowing

    Hi First time poster here after some advice. I’ve noticed the hopper is overflowing when there is a high flow rate. The pipe going into is from the bathroom basin. At a low flow rate it is fine however at a fast rate, the water flows/spills over the side of the hopper. What is the best way...
  5. L

    Draft from bath overflow so letting in cold air

    It's cold and windy today and I noticed that there is a gale blowing through my bath overflow. Its a 1950's bath and the overflow looks just like the drain hole. The chain for the plug is attached to the centre of the overflow I have sellotaped a peice of plastic over the overflow but would...
  6. A

    F&E Tank Overflow query

    Hi there, So I have learned a lot about my plumbing over the past few weeks after discovering the float valve in my Cold Water Storage Tank was faulty (gushing out the overflow). I came across numerous helpful threads on this forum & I now know the difference between the CWST & the F&E header...
  7. P

    Kitchen waste overflow connection leaking

    Hi, I have bought a new kitchen overflow and want to connect it to the waste. Plastic flexihose is inserted into the compression with rubber washer and all tightened up. But no matter what I do, it leaks at that joint when water goes down the plughole from washing up etc. The flexihose is new...
  8. L

    Siamp - overflowing

    Looking for help to fix my loo please. I'm unsure what model it is and can't find the exact on on the siamp website help pages. It's a bottom inlet type though and it either won't stop overflowing or when it does, it takes around 20 seconds of overflowing before it levels. I've tried changing...
  9. C

    Dudley 88 - cistern still filling?

    I've got a Dudley 88 turbo syphon. Its been working fine up until recently. The tank is filling to a higher level than usual and keeps on taking in water and the overflow trickling into the bowl. I can clearly still hear the water running through the pipe into the tank. I've shut off the water...
  10. H

    Some radiators boiling hot - others stone cold

    This is maybe related to another problem I posted about a few days ago, but a new problem has now come up As mentioned, by mistake shut down water supply into house, was off a few hours and realised only when all taps went dry. Got system running again, switched on taps starting from highest one...
  11. H

    Advice re F&E Overflow

    Blocked water supply in house by mistake, then got it back, followed suggested routine, start from highest outlet down, supply restored but since then f&e tank overflows, ever so slightly, occasionally the overflow stops but during 24 hrs about 3-4 buckets collect. Get conflicting advice from...
  12. H

    F&E tank overflowing intermittently

    Have traditionalvented indirect heating system. F&E and large water tank in loft. All worked well until my watersofterner gave up the ghost. While fiddling around with it I shut down bypass valve by accident. Water in house ran out. Got that sorted again. But ever since the F&E tank is...
  13. B

    Bathroom plumbing, check valves and regulations

    Hi, I’m in the process of remodelling my bathroom. Currently at the stage of plumbing the bath and wall hung WC. I’m planing to install a toilet douche (thermostatic, it will need hot and cold supply) and for the bath, I have an overflow Hudson Reed filler. I would like to know if these two...
  14. Stephie


    Hi The overflow pipe is dripping. I have been researching how to stop it but am now confused as to where the pipe comes from. In my naivety I thought overflows just came from heating systems. I have now read it could be from the toilet. How do I find out which it is coming from?
  15. M

    Confusing overflow issue I've had for over 6 months

    Thank you for taking a look... Like I said I've had this issue for over 6 months now and have multiple different plumbers look and the problem and still no one knows what seems to be the issue. Firstly... I live in a 3 floor block of flats on the top floor, and have a new combi boiler...
  16. T

    Guttering for shed into waterbutt

    Hi all, I would like to set up some guttering on my shed to fill a waterbutt. My garden is detached from my block of flats, so virtually an allotment. I was wondering what is the best way to channel the water into the water butt, and to deal with possible overflow. (i) Stick the downpipe...
  17. D

    Loft Tank Overflow pipes into horizontal gutter

    Hi, We've just had our soffits, facias and gutters replaced. Previously, the overflow/warning pipes for the central heating header tank and cold water tank for hot water in the loft came out of holes in the facia below the gutter. But for this installation, the installer decided it would look...
  18. M

    Overflowing gutter corner

    My chalet bungalow suffers badly from overflowing gutter corners during cloud bursts, due to rain flowing down the valleys. The guttering is conventional semi-circular plastic which has been reasonably well laid and I see little chance of improving this. Is anyone aware of an easy solution to...
  19. D

    Hot Water Loft Tank Dip Tube Siphoning?

    Hi, In our loft, we have two tanks - a small header tank for the central heating and a larger tank for the hot water - cold water is mains fed. The other night, we noticed that the overflow pipe from the hot water tank was dripping outside. I was looking out of the window to see how much was...
  20. S

    Geberit dual flush

    Hi, after flushing, my cistern continues to fill to about a cm above the overflow pipe before the water goes down level with the overflow and stops refilling. I guess that means its not shutting off quick enough, but does that mean a faulty syphon unit or faulty float valve?