1. J

    Concrete slab paving on concrete flooring - Can be done - Help

    I got my side access and front patio in exposed concrete flooring which looks a bit awful due of many repair during the years. Can these slab be installed on solid concrete and what would be the substrate without rising a lot. Thanks
  2. J

    Best Paving Slab Cleaner?

    Can anyone recommend a good paving slab cleaner for removing algae etc? I don't have a Pressure Washer. The ones that seem to be good on the internet are: Wet and Forget Spear & Jackson Spray and Leave Patio Magic Patio Cleaner Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  3. A

    clear grass from large block paving area

    Hi Ive attached a pic of the block paving , i need a large area cleared of grass. also do i need to wait until spring for a dry period with any treatment? Thanks Ad.
  4. ben3290485

    Re-laying Paving Slabs

    I've taken up 6 paving slabs as there was a gap opening up. 3 I have taken up with the concrete underneath (and taken off what I can) and 3 which I have managed to peel off the concrete as there was no way I was going to pull out from underneath. I want to re-use the paving slabs so it still...
  5. S

    Resin coated driveway

    I'm asking for some advice on suitable type of resin bond for driveway. Needs to be a thin layer 1cm thick, but long lasting and bond to concrete with stone chippings to prevent the stones from wearing away. What kind of price can I expect for the surfacing including materials? It is a 3x3m area.
  6. Radders_23

    What slab is this?

    Hi all! Hoping someone can help. We've had a slab chip in the garden and I am hoping I can find a replacement. Please see pictures. Thanks in advance!
  7. marty3

    Concrete steps with slabs on top, mortar bed size

    I am in the planning stages of building a 3m long retaining wall with 2m wide steps in the centre. I am planning on constructing this with forms and pouring concrete. I am designing the steps to have concrete slabs on top for a nice finish so want to work out the tread and rise that gets the...
  8. C

    Relay quarry tile path

    We have an outdoor path leading to the front door that is laid with unglazed victorian quarry tiles (6x6 inch). Several of the tiles are cracked and need replacing and the grout between the tiles has all but disappeared. I was thinking of lifting and relaying the path, replacing broken tiles...
  9. H

    Outdoor porcelain doorstep edging

    Hi, Got 2 600x600 22mm porcelain pavers for a doorstep extension. The step overhangs the brick base by 30mm but I’ve only just realised the porcelain isn’t black throughout - the sides are cream coloured. How can I deal with this as we don’t cream showing on front and sides of step. Looked...
  10. moore005004

    price of new patio

    Hi, I want a patio laying using kandla grey natural stone paving, I will need the old patio and some of the grassed area removed, the area is 32sqm anyone have any rough idea as to how much I will have to budget for to get this done I'm in the UK. Cheers.
  11. M

    Best mortar/concrete base for pedestal supported patio - thin slab

    Hi I'm looking for advice on the recipe to use for concrete. I'm about to lay the concrete slab on which I'll fix my 30mm thick, large, rectified stone slabs using pedestals. The pedestals are needed to overcome multiple problems of levels and drainage. It will be laid on top of block and...
  12. J

    Improve driveway concrete slab without spending a fortune. Any tips welcomed

    Got my driveway which is in concrete at moment with a lot of cut due of work and repair been done during the years. I was thinking to resin bond but quote are sky high and don`t have money for it. I was wondering if there is a cheap way to improve the look with some think paintable product or...
  13. R

    When paving an area, at what point is drainage required?

    We have a courtyard that is pretty much enclosed on 4 sides (with an opening for a path beside the fence). The space is 2.5m x 3.3m. The courtyard is surrounded by: back wall of garage. two walls of house fence (neighbours house is 1 foot behind fence) We are looking to pave this space. At...
  14. JimDogweed

    Fix / re-position victorian rope-top edging

    Hi. We have some old victorian rope-top edging in our front garden. Over the years, some of the pieces of edging have moved (pushed away from the path). What's the best way to secure these in the right place - someone has suggested a dry concrete mix. I'm looking for the simplest solution -...
  15. M


    Hi, I have 25l of resiblock paving sealer which is unopened and has been stored in my garage for quite some time. Unfortunately I just never got round to using it and I was planning on washing down the drive and sealing it now. However I have just noticed it is 5 months past the manufactures...
  16. A

    Connecting ACO drain to existing system

    Hi, I'm a new member but have been reading a lot of the great advice on here. I'm struggling to find information to help me move forward with my project...... I'm totally redesigning our back garden and have taken down a concrete garage, lifted a large block paving driveway and removed large...
  17. bettz1

    Best Grey jointing compound

    I'm going to try and lay some grey Indian sandstone slabs next week with my dad and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good jointing compound? Dad thinks we should use a 4:1 mix but we want the colour grey do people use dye's? I was going to order some geo-fix mix and just brush it in...
  18. BruceyBonus00

    Laying outdoor slabs/tiles and artificial grass

  19. A

    Can I extend air bricks underneath paving?

    We have just removed a patio in our garden because we realised it had been laid on top of decking so the whole thing was moving. We thought we'd take it out ourselves and see what was underneath it before deciding what to do next. The patio was tiles laid onto decking which we thought was a...
  20. C

    Plastic sheeting under gravel patio/path - bad idea?

    We moved into our current house a couple of years ago. The area directly in front of the house was gravel, with blue plastic sheeting underneath. Looked OK when we moved in - doesn't now. Lots of patches of blue plastic which aren't very appealing. So, first question would be how to sort this...