penetrating damp

  1. N

    Rising or penetrating damp? Help! Wet even though no rain

    Hi everyone, We noticed a patch of damp last year and didn’t get round to doing anything. Eventually got someone to clean roof gutters. We thought would have solved issue but yesterday the vertical patch looked darker and felt wet despite having no rain for a week or 2 now (unless I’ve only...
  2. M

    Water ingress, possible penetrating damp?

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help advise me about what the likely cause of my problem is and suggest some next steps. During a recent night of strong wind and rain, I noticed a small damp patch in the corner of our bedroom. A small damp area in the about the size of a £2 coin, with a few...
  3. K

    damp on survey of old house late 1800s

    We had a survey back on an old cottage built of granite. obviously there are some damp issues. I am trying to convince my husband we should not be put off by this as if the source of the damp is identified then it can be remediated. I will copy what was written in the report below 1. Down the...
  4. T

    Condensation / Penetration Damp - disagree with surveyor

    First time poster here. My apartment windows have obvious signs of deterioration, water stain and wall peeling off. I'm very convinced it's a water ingress issue as it's prevalent in the whole building, especially the way the stain looks suggests to me it's from the structure side, not the...
  5. G

    Is This Penetrating Damp? What Would You Do?

    Hi, I'm an inexperienced first time buyer. November moved in to the house to find damp plaster on 1st floor bedroom wall (external). Based on the description below and attached pics, what might be likely causes of the damp, and what repairs should I realistically expect? Are there any specific...
  6. C

    Wall crack - please help!

    Would be really grateful for any advice on this. So, I moved into a top floor flat in a 1960s flat-roofed block in March. The photos are of a crack in the bedroom. It runs from the window horizontally, along an external wall, then round the corner along the wall with the stairwell. From the...
  7. Steve Biddy

    Upstairs airbrick causes penetrating damp?

    Image by Steve Biddy posted 15 May 2021 at 6:50 PMDear all I am worried about the seeming damp around an upstairs back bedroom air brick. It looks like maybe the water is coming through it. is there any way I can solve the problem without closing up the air brick?
  8. L


    Hi everyone we recently purchased our first home - a lovely three bed Edwardian semi in need of some work. I am looking for some advice on mould. we have noticed a few areas of damp. 1) The interior outside wall in the kitchen. There is no extractor fan, no heating and a poorly fitted back...
  9. T

    rising damp, penetrating damp, percolating damp, who else wants to get creative?

    As you can see from this first picture, we are having a massive infiltration problem around the chimney breast. To give some general information, we are at the ground floor of a two storey Victorian house. To the right of the picture there is the external wall. We have been living in the...
  10. M

    Rough cost of replacing old rendering

    Hi Guys, We've had issues with penetrating damp for a while (Roof replaced, guttering, chimney pointing/lined to try and fix it). Basically there are water streaks running from the top of one wall in the bedroom. I've had advice from the roof guys who came back to check the roof (which they...
  11. S

    Damp walls behind tiles

    Hi all, First time posting on here so be gentle with me! I have just started a DIY renovation of my bathroom in preparation for selling the house. the bathroom is relatively small, about 2.5m x 2.5m, is on the ground floor in a modern extension on the back of a Victorian house. My first job...
  12. Chuckles586

    Penetrating Damp from Guttering/Pipework

    I'm getting some penetrating damp on an interior wall. In pretty much exactly the same spot on the outside wall is this. The top brown pipe comes down from the guttering around the roof and the others carry waste water from the bathroom - not sewage, just the stuff from the sink and bath. Is...
  13. K

    Is this rising or penetrating damp?

    Not sure if there was a better place to post this. I just had my 3 bedroom house redecorated and soon after doing that I noticed water marks/stains in 3 different places on the ground floor. 2 marks are in the same room, left and right of chimney breast And the other mark is in the living...