pipe bending

  1. S

    Pipe bending (15mm copper) - minimum offset with bender?

    With a traditional pipe bender, is there a minimum (parallel) offset that can be achieved over a distance of, say, 300mm? For example, could you achieve an offset of 10mm / 20mm / 30mm (and so on) over that distance? I know that benders are marked for 30° for lesser-offsets, but wonder if you...
  2. Harleybear

    Sink pipe won't screw onto the waste basket??

    I got a replacement waste basket from b and q, but it will not screw together. Am I missing something ? Thanks
  3. S

    What is this used for please?

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what type of pipe this is for? I tried bending some 15mm copper pipe with no success but I could be using it incorrectly. :unsure: Thanks. Mark.
  4. BillyWillySilly

    Thank you!

    A big thank-you to all that have advice over the past couple of weeks on my radiator install especially but in no particular order @polesapart, @ianmcd, @Lower, @Madrab, @Nige F and @JimCrow. So far...so good: I'm glad I persevered with the bends as I think it made the runs cleaner in the...
  5. BillyWillySilly

    First pipe bend paranoia assurance

    So while I was at Screwfix i decided to try a pipe bending spring. I bought a bunch of fittings - 90 degree bends etc. but understand that not using them may be better, flow of water etc... So, me being totally paranoid about my nascent plumbing skills want an honest critique on this... It's...
  6. V

    hook lock alignment on Irwin Hilmor GLM pipe bender

    Apologies, this has been touched on in the past. I have just bought a brand new set of Irwin Hilmor GLM pipe benders and there seems to be a problem with the black lock hook not sitting squarely on the pipe (15mm). See attached pic. This is my first pipe bender so don't know if this is...
  7. G

    Bending copper pipe over 90 degrees

    Evening, Is it possible to bend 15mm copper pipe over 90 degrees? I've got a situation where I'd like to bend at about 110 degrees and I'm wondering how to. Cheers. PS. I have a pipe bender but it goes to 90 degrees.