1. S

    Best method for positioning towel rail pipework before tiling

    The new towel rail (en-suite) will be arriving this week and I need to sort the pipework for it - comes out of the floor, which is not yet screwed-down. My issue is how best to do this to allow for (small) error, as the tiles are not on the wall either i.e. I don't know exact thickness of tiles...
  2. N

    Best way to the Drains & pipework - help needed

    Hi All, I am planning to do drains & pipework. please see the image below: Is that okay? is building control going to approve? I have read somewhere that every underground joint need an inspection chamber, is that correct?
  3. I

    UFH pipe leak in uncommissioned system??

    I have an uncommissioned wet underfloor heating system in screed. Yesterday the joiner was screwing into the newly tiled floors and may have potentially screwed into a UFH pipe (on the borderline of pipes). The pressure gauge on the UFH manifold was showing around 1.5 bar and dropped to around...
  4. T

    Advice on maybe replacing corroded heating pipes?

    Would appreciate someone one checking over these images and my thought process on how I would go about replacing some copper heating pipes if needed please. https://imgur.com/a/0WY8aTU I'm currently, in the middle of stripping our dining room (~200 year old house, brick walls no cavity) and on...
  5. little_poppet

    flexible pipework for shower

    hey guys, i'm trying to tap into my bath pipes to create pipework for my shower. i am struggling to get a copper pipe to connect with the exisitng pipe and could do with using something more flexible. would there be an issue using something like...
  6. K

    Moving radiator, pipes underfoot threshold

    Hi all, currently at outset of general living room renorvation. My wife wants this rad moving or all pipe work covered. I must say looks a bodge job from previous owners. Radiator which I changed about 6 years back appears to be plumbed inline. Both pipes running under door threshold and...
  7. I

    Steam generator to steam room suitable pipe and fittings

    Which types of pipes, 1/2" BSP threaded fittings, sealants and washers are suitable to carry steam from a 2.8kW steam generator to a steam cabin, a pipe distance of 400mm? Originally I was thinking 15mm copper pipe soldered onto 15mm x 1/2" BSP female tap connectors (the type with the red fibre...
  8. X

    Pipe work identification

    Hi all, I just viewed a new house that I am thinking about buying. The sales person said it had a combi boiler. It did have a boiler in the kitchen but with no cover and I couldn’t see a model reference. Please see attached pic. This was in the cupboard on the landing. The sales person did not...
  9. T

    New combi boiler, old (1970s) pipes underground & concerns about pressure/leaks

    Hi all, first post here and have tried to find some answers for my question but no joy. Moved into a house and needs some upgrading, including the boiler/radiators. Ideally I wanted a combi installed in the toilet downstairs to free space in the bathroom (our current system takes up about 1m sq...
  10. S

    Boiler on/off short cycling

    Hello, Require some help and advice. Whenever I turn on my boiler for hot water or Central heating, the boiler turns off for a few minutes and then on again. This cycle repeats itself every 5minutes. I recently had my systems flushed with many of the radiators installed with TRVs as well as an...
  11. C

    Toilet Blocked / Draining Very Slowly

    Hi, Our downstairs toilet in a modern extension (built approx. 10 years ago) is blocked / draining very slowly. I know of no drainage plans and believe it's classed as private pipework unfortunately. So far I have tried: - Wire coat hanger pushed round the bend - Buckets of hot water with...
  12. A

    Best way to conceal pipework

    I need to get a feed to a radiator in my hallway and am looking into the best way to conceal the pipework for it. I'm not a fan of boxing it in if possible, and am looking either recessing the pipework in the floor or wall - I'm undertaking substantial renovations currently so the mess isn't an...
  13. F

    Filling holes around pipework - radiator

    Hi, Please see photo attached. I have a large hole surrounding the pipework behind one of my bedroom radiators. What's the best method of filling this hole. Am I okay to use that expanding foam? Appreciate any advice.
  14. M

    Fix broken floor boards upstairs vs new central heating pipes replacement. Which one 1st?

    Should I get my central heating pipes replaced first as they go under the floorboard then go and fix my broken floor boards upstairs or vice versa? thanks in advance.
  15. W

    Electric single loop system

    Hi, We have a single loop wet electric central heating system. We recently had the floors up and have noticed the feed goes in one side (at the bottom of the radiator) and comes out of the bottom at the other side but there is no pipe connecting the two pipes together (Just through the...
  16. R

    Do HW polypipes need clipping?

    The photos below show two heating polypipes that are being put in that run in parallel with the joists. They are centered between the joists, and are not clipped for a distance of about 2.5m (the pipes go through a block of wood about half way). I thought that polypipes needed to be clipped but...
  17. A

    Suggestions please for a work around!!

    Hi, I am putting plastic pipes in the wall for CH. (please I don't want the discussion about plastic v copper). The pipes are going in, but along a plasterboard horizontally. (not a stud wall, plasterboard stuck to external wall.) Problem is that when going along the wall I came across a cable...
  18. C

    What pipe sizes for completely new hot and cold water system?

    I'm renovating an old victorian 3 floor terraced house with the usual hellish mish-mash of pipework running in bizarre and ugly locations. I want to replace all that with new pipework while I have the floorboards up. My question is, what pipe sizes should I use for the different bits? The...
  19. P

    Flashing over waste pipes leak

    Hi All, My Grandads house has an veranda out the back that goes under the upstairs bathroom. The waste pipes from the sink and toilet then head down into the roof. This appears to have not been flashed correct. See image below. Could you recommend the best way to fix this? I was going to see if...
  20. A

    Can pipes under a combi boiler be moved?

    I have just bought a flat, which has the pictured combi boiler installed in an airing cupboard. As shown in the photo, the installation has a large number of crossing pipes, some of which appear to go down under the floor and some of which go right to the kitchen (and towards the gas meter)...