1. S

    Removal of toilet seat - concealed fitting, no buttons

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help with ideas on how to remove this toilet seat - photos attached (I just moved into this house, and there are no brand markings on it). There are no buttons to release the top; I've removed little caps from the inside, which reveals a small bolt (difficult to...
  2. S

    Removing a radiator - cap or join

    If I remove a radiator from the system, do I just cap the inlet and outlet pipes or do the pipes need to be joined together for the system to flow? The system is a solid fuel backboiler with vent / expansion tank in airing cupboard for radiators. There are 5 radiators in the system, but we are...
  3. jbquality

    Seeing 'steps' on the wall, need fix pleeeease

    Hello! So decided to redecorate a bedroom ourselves. Removed wallpaper, scrubbed, sanded, cleaned, primed, skimmed and one coat of primer/undercoat. My issue is I have a few areas where I can see 'steps' from where I've skimmed, my fault for not sanding well enough in these areas. Can I use...
  4. R

    chimney query

    hi all, new to the forum ( i can see myself getting very addicted ..) my house has a chimney section at the first floor only. At some point the ground floor section (the kitchen) and the stack above the roof has been removed. Im wanting to remove the first floor section as its ruining the...
  5. H

    Removing patio door frame & brickwork

    We have a Spectus patio door frame between our lounge and conservatory. We've already had the doors removed. We were hoping to remove some plasterboard and pull the frame forward but we've found out that 10-15mm of the frame is behind brickwork ... which we don't want to touch. We can't find...
  6. M

    Veritas 8 Alarm Panel Cover Removal - Help Pleasey

    Hi folks hoping someone can help with this quandary... I Moved into a house with an old Veritas alarm which seems to need a new battery, but I cant get the alarm box front panel off. It has two white plastic lug type fittings with a flat head slot. These just turn to 4 positions but none of...
  7. A

    Removing carpet containing asbestos dust

    A few years ago we sanded part of a ceiling not realising until recently that it contains asbestos. We're planning on redecorating the room the ceiling was sanded in and want to remove the carpet, I'm just concerned about the amount of asbestos dust that's settled in it from our past mistake. I...
  8. G

    Removing fireplace and chimney completely

    hi all. We live in a long detached house built in the 60s. There were 2 chimneys when we moved in last year, the one for the old boiler which was sat in the kitchen has been completely removed since we had the boiler replaced and relocated. We now want to completely remove the large fireplace in...
  9. camellaird11

    Fireplace Removal

    Hi, I'm looking to remove my fireplace but currently cant see a lintel. Should i remove more plaster to see if there is a lintel? Or am i able to remove the fire back first, as seen in the photo. Any advice would be great.
  10. R

    How should I remove paint from bathroom ceiling?

    Hi, I am currently decorating my house to make it look presentable for sale. The bathroom ceiling has been getting flakey for a while now so I have decided to tackle it. However, what I thought would be an easy fix, has turned into a bit of a nightmare really. I have been tackling the ceiling...
  11. L

    Knocking down outdoor toilet

    Hi guys, I really want to knock down my outdoor toilet. It basically falling apart anyway. The toilet has been taken out and capped off. I own the house. Forgive me for being silly but can I just start knocking it down carefully with a sledgehammer?
  12. K

    Disconnecting in built/Hardwired oven

    I have an inbuilt electric oven which is hardwired and installed 1999 brand new in a new build property. Ive ordered a new oven which is 13amp, this is due to be delivered Wednesday (don't know the time yet) and they are supposed to be taking the oven away to be recycled. To do this they need...
  13. S

    When was asbestos in artex stopped?

    Hi all, Another year, another set of projects planned. I have a house that was built in 1989 and first sold in 1990. It has artex in every bloody room on the ceilings. My plan (over time) is to have completely smooth ceilings in every room. Upon reading about the removal of artex, I came...
  14. N

    Advice for Novice removed wallpaper

    hi, I spent a painstaking long time removing woodchip wallpaper from one of my bedrooms and now I'm left with something on the walls underneath. Ok, here's what I did. Once I was able to get under the wallpaper with hot soapy water in a spray bottle I scrapped all the soggy backing away and I'm...
  15. S

    Replacing sealed units in aluminium sashes with rubber seals

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to get some advise on how to replace the sealed units in my double glazed aluminium vertically sliding sash windows. I've already bought the new spiral hangers, so I will be taking the sashes out to change them and was hoping to change out the broken sealed units too...
  16. A

    Removing inner drum from a Hoover washer-dryer

    My dearly beloved has managed to kill another washing machine by not checking the kids' pockets before putting the washing in!!!! This is a Hoover WDYN 856DG80 washer dryer. Taking the paddles out and peering in with a torch, I can see the ribbon from a sports medal between the inner and outer...
  17. W

    CES Cylinder Lock Removal

    I have French patio doors that I am attempting to remove the CES lock cylinder. I have the key but am unable to get the mechanism to turn down to line up so that I can remove it. I have read and watched everything possible and removing the screw on the side of the door and turning the key 25...