1. J

    Render or replace spalled brickwork?

    Hello! I am a new homeowner and completely lost in the dark. I have noticed some spalled brickwork at the bottom of my side wall. No damp on the inside, think they’re just old and weathered. Any advice? Do they need to be removed? Or could I get away with repointing and the getting render on...
  2. S

    Retaining wall and beds - K-Rend tips

    Hi, Landscapers have built a new retaining wall, steps and raised beds. Retaining wall is lined with DPM and weep holes at bottom. It’s going to have K Rend. I’ve got a few questions before they get started with this stage to ensure it lasts as long as possible. I will ask them too but I know...
  3. Rageyboy91

    Stepped DPC making tidy.

    Evening, I have this hole in the render outside in the wall and I want to fill it in, it's a solid brick wall and the dpc is stepped, the porch dpc is highier than the original wall. I filled the hole in originally with lime nhl 3.5 and finished in lime wash, hoping it would breath and...
  4. P

    lead work - fit into a wall or not?

    Hi All, I am going to render the walls after my Extention completion. The question is - I'm extending the backside kitchen (single floor), for the roof, do I need to fit the lead into the wall and cement it? my roofer says just nail to the wall and render will cover that and no water will go...
  5. J

    EWI on to SIPS

    Hi all, Looking for some assistance on wall build up for a SIPS systrem (I am using the Kingspan TEK system if that helps). The outside of the SIPS panel have been wrapped with a breather membrance and are then to be clad with 50mm rockwool, which will then be rendered using something like EWI...
  6. P

    What's fallen off my roof and what do I need to repair it?

    A chunk of render (?) fell off the side of the roof on my single storey extension last week. See attached pics. How should I approach fixing this? It looks like I should be able to just trowel something back on after maybe brushing loose material away. I'm trying to avoid buying a sack of...
  7. A

    Best way to improve look of roughcast?

    Hi, I've got a 1930s Semi with solid brick walls and the original roughcast render, which presumably will contain lime for the solid brick to breathe? What's the best way to go about improving the look of it? as it's showing its age and doesn't look great. Had quotes to hack off and re-render...
  8. U

    Is it normal for water to leak through retaining wall and into render?

    Hi all, I've had walls built in my garden and they've mostly now been rendered with K-rend. I've noticed that I can see water coming through the render - especially seems to be tracing the pattern of the mortar (see photos) Is this just part of the normal drying out process or is there...
  9. Danny Hardy

    Replacing sand & cement render on internal wall advice

    Hi all, Please can I get some advice on replacing the cement render on this window wall? Picture attached I have also attached a close up picture of the cement render on other walls so you can see what it's like The cement render was all cracked and falling off above the window, behind is the...
  10. S

    Drip bead / scratch coat

    My builder asked me if I wanted a drip bead / bell detail at dpc. He said the render is water proofed so taking it to the ground is not a problem. Also its block paving around the building and during torrential rain there is no pooling of water near the walls. I have now done some some research...
  11. S

    Render advice..

    I have a builder who has been working for me for a number of weeks and he has done a lot of work for me in the past. he is a jack of all trades, very handy guy and we have and receptive to my 'research'. Due to most of the the house being old and somewhat awkward he advised me to take the...
  12. L

    Where's the water coming from??

    Hi , The boxed in support beam in my kitchen had water coming in. The hole in pic was made to see where exactly the water was coming from (photo attached). I've been told three different things - that it's because there is probably no tray in the cavity wall, that it's the render, that it's the...
  13. J

    New render on existing pebble dash painted Exterior walls. Help

    This may sound stupid but my exterior wall in pebble dash painted over the years looks old and wondering if this can be over covered with new render without removing the pebble dash as seem very strong and would be a mess to remove it first. Any experience tips advise would be highly appreciated.
  14. S

    EXTERNAL RENDER BROKEN AWAY - Do I need damp proofing?

    Hi there, Just moved into a new house which is an old terraced house built around late 1800s. There is plenty of work to get done on it not least the front rendering. The previous owners provided an invoice for work carried out in 2015 for damp proofing, pointing rendering the front of the...
  15. G

    Is This Penetrating Damp? What Would You Do?

    Hi, I'm an inexperienced first time buyer. November moved in to the house to find damp plaster on 1st floor bedroom wall (external). Based on the description below and attached pics, what might be likely causes of the damp, and what repairs should I realistically expect? Are there any specific...
  16. J

    Airbrick replacement

    Hi, just signed up and wondering if anyone here can help with this one… We live in a 1920s solid-walled house (red brick, cement rendered) that has a tendency towards dampness in the basement. Generally it’s all in check but we do get the odd issue here or there. When we moved in we had gas...
  17. B

    Cracked render

    Hi, we bought a house on a new development 2 years ago, the house was a couple of years old at the time, so is now around 4 years old. A crack has now appeared in the render above the front door. I have approached a company to see if they can repair it but, based on the pictures, they have...
  18. K

    Lead flashing on flat roof

    We recently had a flat fibreglass roof installed and we have had some leaking inside the wall next to one side. The external walls are rendered and the installer has been back and looked a few times and said it is cracks in the render, which he has sealed since. I’ve been on there and had a look...
  19. J

    Pebble dash vs flat render

    What are peoples views on pebble dash render over a block wall compared to the smother type render? I was thinking the pebble dash would give a tougher finish compared to say the smooth or am I wrong in this?
  20. P

    Help with external rendering / sealing

    Hi, We have a wall that is letting in some water around the outside of a window. Please see attached images of inside and outside. I believe it's the brickwork and/or render around the window on the outside. The timber lintel is exposed. We recently sealed the coping stones above and the chimney...