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    Yellow discoloured bathroom sealant

    I have an old bathroom and some sections of the sealant around the bath were getting pretty shabby. I decided to redo this a few months back but the white sealant that I used is now turning a horrible yellow colour. The old stuff round the rest of the bath that is really old is still pure white...
  2. C

    Sealant for granite worktops

    Hi, Just had a granite worktop put in the kitchen. Noticed that some oil left on the surface actually soaked in and left a mark (fortunately this bit was getting replaced anyway). But seems like I need some kind of stone sealer to prevent this happening in future. I've had a look online and...
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    Feedback request - design project

    Hi all, I'm currently undertaking a project to redesign the way in which caulk and silicone sealant is packaged due to the unsustainable nature of the rigid cartridges most commonly used. If anyone could spend 5 minutes filling out the survey below it would be greatly appreciated...
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    How to fill weathered lintel to remove water trap

    Hi all, My house has "stone" lintels over a number of the windows. I say "stone" as I think they may be man made as they are really soft and permeable and on one I think I can see concrete in the interior where it has weathered away. Anyway, they are useless and rain soaks through them so I am...
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    Can I use sealant and No More Nails on this instead of grout and adhesive?

    I'm putting a piece of wood across the top of the bath and a new bath side. I want to tile the top of the wood (see pic) I'm going to put a bit of trim on the outside edge. I wondered if I could just use No More Nails to stick the tiles down and then fill the gaps with Bathroom Sealant...
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    Tiling kitchen floor white haze/ do I need to seal!

    Help! DIY isn't my strong point, so after my dog ate the Lino (yes my dog really did eat my Lino) in the kitchen I decided to tile the floor. As if it was that easy. I chose these tiles...
  7. K

    Kitchen sink waste pipe

    Hi, Sorry if this is obvious, but I have read the Wiki and the FAQ and can't find an answer. The last trap (there are two after the pipe) at the end of my sink waste pipe has came away from the outlet at the wall. It looks like the trap doesn't quite reach the outlet far enough to fit tight...
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    Which are the best guttering sealants?

    Hello folks I have got a bit of a problem at the end of the guttering where it joins the (rented) house next door. It was OK until next door had its old guttering 'improved', replacing it with new plastic guttering. Unfortunately, the roofers they had in didn't seal that new guttering to join...