1. P

    Shower screen sealant tips to avoid mould?

    I had a walk-in shower installed just under a year ago and the sealant on the outside of the shower screen has gone mouldy. In fact, it started going mouldy some months ago, which seems a bit quick to spoil. The mould is behind/inside the sealant and is along the whole of the screen. The tiler...
  2. S

    Waterproofing joins in plastic splashback?

    My bath/shower is lined with plastic splashback panels. The sealant around the bath is getting mouldy and it seems like the gaps between the panels are as well (I've attached a picture). I suspect that water is getting inbetween the panels. If that's the case I can remove the existing sealant...
  3. ihatealldiy

    Shower cabinet - places to NOT use sealant - and detect leak - Please help!

    Hi, I've a shower cabinet with some leak (water droplets ) to the room downstairs. I was fairly certain the sealant is at fault - tested by just letting water go in the shower tray - no leak. But If I spray a certain point where the door closes (seen in pic 2) I get water drops which becomes...
  4. G

    Washing machine leak: What sealant to apply to outer drum bolt heads?

    I took the back off my 23-/24-year-old Indesit WG1130TGT washing machine as the drum was either jerking round or not going round at all. I noticed that the back of the outer drum, which contains the wash drum, had been leaking from around the bolt heads as there was washing powder residue...
  5. A

    Sealing the Gap Between Window and Sill?

    Water is getting into our conservatory and has ruined part of our windowsill. The water pools in one corner. Somebody advised me to apply CT1 to seal the gap between our conservatory windows and the sill on the outside to stop the leak. It didn’t work, and now somebody else has said that I...
  6. S

    Sealant over expandable foam

    Hi there Complete amateur so excuse the possibly silly question. 1850s cottage, fairly new windows and frames, cracked sealant causing leak if wind drives rain against the house. I want to reseal the window frame with silicone sealant but after removing g old cracked sealant I am faced with...
  7. D

    Replaced an outside light, what is best to seal it with?

    Looking for a recommendation on a sealant please. I've just replaced an old outside light. The new one didn't come with any gasket! What's the best sealant for a metal outside light on brick. Can acetoxy cure be used or will it react with the brick or metal?
  8. O

    Bath / Shower silicone questions

    About a year into a new bathroom, the silicone started peeling away from the bath and getting mouldy. It gradually detached along most of the length of the bath. I've put this off for a while but now decided to try and tackle this myself. The bath is Carronite (acrylic) so I wondered if maybe...
  9. bettz1

    Help identifying silicone colour

    Need some help in identifying the colour silicone we've got in our kitchen. Long story short Mrs wanted to use dc fix then changed her mind after I'd taken off the silicone in preparation :mad: We thought it was brown but when we looked in wickes brown was too dark. Could it be buff...
  10. JD2012

    Fixing gaps in a Concrete Door Step.

    I was wondering what forum readers would suggest to fill in horizontal gaps between a front door step and the door. They are not huge gaps. I think its just caused by shrinkage as the house is about 60 years old. I was thinking something along the lines of a mastic sealant as I want to be easy...
  11. R

    How to fill large gaps at bottom of plasterboard wall

    So I just had a new chipboard floor glued and screwed in after adding noggins and levelling the joists. There are gaps between the edge of the chipboard and the blockwork, up to 15mm. There is a gap between the dot and dab wall and the new floor of up to 40mm high amd 30mm deep and also the void...
  12. P

    Shower tray - sealing question

    Just fitted a large and heavy stone shower tray onto a mortar bed. I forgot to run silicon sealant around the edges, before tanking with liquid latex and adhesive repair tape from Aquaseal. The tape overlaps onto the shower tray, making a waterproof seal all around it. Do I now need to cut the...
  13. Rob Farley

    Shower Enclosure gone rotten

    Hi, apologies if this is the wrong section. I'm in a bit of a pickle, our shower has started leaking, a lot, and it looks like there had been a small leak for a while that soaked through the grout (or round it) and destroyed the plasterboard behind it, this in turn allowed movement which made...
  14. B

    Does clear sealant look milky when applied?

    I need to replace the sealant between Caesarstone worktop and upstand, as in places it is starting to peel and in others is discoloured. The current sealant is opaque and milky, which is the effect I want. But having never used "clear" sealant before I just need to know that this how it will...
  15. S

    Sealing edges of garage ceiling

    I have an attached garage, which is part of an extension that was built in 2003. It is unheated but usually stays at least 5c above the outdoor temperature. The ceiling is plaster-boarded and artexed, but there is a gap around the edges, between the plasterboard and wall. It varies in width...
  16. A

    external upvc window sealant gaps

    Hey all, House is around 5yrs old and whilst up fitting christmas lights a few months ago I noticed some pretty big gaps and poor sealant around my 1st floor windows. The windows are always cold, when windy you can feel wind and the cold air from them so I want to solve this. Photo attached...
  17. A

    Staircase skirting edge to plasterboard

    Hi folks, Bear with me as I try to describe this as best as I can, pictures paint a thousand words though so please see those too! In a relatively new build (5yrs old, housebuilder was junk, lots of issues) and it's time to tackle the gaps appearing between the wooden 'large' skirting that...
  18. D

    Does bath rim go underneath tilebacker/Aquapanel?

    Does aquapanel go above the bath with the bath rim slid underneath it, or does it extend below the rim with the bath pushed up to it (plus sealant)? Asking because existing bath rim is 45mm wide but new bath side rim is 90mm wide, which seems a lot. Thank you.
  19. O

    Fixing options for recessed aluminium channel into plasterboard ceiling

    Hi there. I am installing some led tape and want the aluminium channel recessed into the ceiling. I don't want to drill and screw the channel (it creates an unwanted bulge where the tape runs over the screw) so I am wondering what glue/double-sided-tape might be up to the job and whether I need...
  20. S

    Bath Leak

    Hi all Leak appeared in kitchen ceiling. Pulled back bath cover upstairs and looks like water been getting in for some time. Haven't long lived in property. Floorboards and plaster knackered. Removed all existing sealant and resealed with clear and white sealant to get a thick finish. Still no...