1. C

    M12 detectors

    Ive been rooting around looking for favoured ways to wire M12's to a texecom 48 panel, i found the manual, below.. courtesy of @gingerangles. can anyone tell me the best way to wire to an elite 48, do i need to use EOL .i was...
  2. L

    Arada Farringdon Stove

    Has anyone else experiences smoke coming back into the room on refuelling an Arada stove? We have had the stove 18months and not been able to use it due to smoking back issues. Thanks
  3. P

    Smoke Alarm - NL3602 - Changing Battery

    Hi, My Smoke Alarm is making a chirping/beeping sound indicating low battery. I haven't changed this for 4/5 years but do recall it being a total pita. :D The battery drawer is stuck so I cannot change the battery. I don't recall whether I had to stick something into the keyslot (e.g...
  4. S

    Woodburner Draw

    Posting this here as there doesn't seem to be a category for stoves and chimneys. We have a Charnwood Country 4 woodburner connected to a flexible liner, installed by a HETAS chap a few years back. Always worked perfectly. Until recently, when we noticed that it's not drawing like it used to...
  5. cwhaley

    Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi - Blue Smoke :(

    Does anybody know potential causes of the following symptoms on a 2008 2.0TDCi Focus? - Excessive cranking when starting (only when cold) - Large amount of light blue smoke for around 20-30 seconds after starting - Rough idle which clears after 2 minutes So far I have had the below work...
  6. B

    2005 Volvo S40 1.8 smoke from exhaust

    I recently bought a 2005 1.8 Volvo S40. When I was buying the car everything seemed to be fine. The car has done 87,000 miles. When I got the car home I was driving it about for a bit I reved the car and noticed a plume of smoke, it was unclear whether it is blue or white. It was a cold enough...
  7. A

    Pyronix Euro 46 and smoke detectors

    Hi All, I have wired 12v smoke detectors into my Pyronix Euro 46 panel and configured then as fire in the inputs. Currently when the smoke detector triggers the alarm panel , internal speaker and external sounder all go off. Anyone know if and how I can configure the fire inputs so it doesn't...
  8. N

    Enforcer and smoke detector

    Hello, How do you configure your enforcer with smoke detectors, and particularly the bells? My issue is that false alarms on smoke detectors happen. Should i have the full bells and whistles when it does?
  9. M

    Add smokes to intruder alarm or separate system?

    I've been considering adding 6 Menvier M12 smoke / heat detectors to my existing intruder alarm system. These would cover Garage, Kitchen, Hall, Lounge, Landing and Loft space. Would this be the best way to go or would using mains interconnected alarms be a better bet? If so are there any...
  10. H

    Ei141 Alarms beeping even though no mains and all heads removed!!

    Random alarms starting beeping every 30 seconds last night. I removed the heads, hoovered them and changed the batteries. Still beeping. So i've turned off the mains power and removed all the heads and they are still beeping even though there is no head (the thing with the battery and the test...
  11. T

    Cigarette smoke from next door

    Hi there. We've got a problem with cigarette smoke coming from our neighbours house, we live in a terraced cottage. Every night when they come home we start to smell smoke after a while in our living room, we don't actually see smoke but can distinctly smell cigarette smoke. Not pleasant as...