soil pipe

  1. S

    Moving my soil pipe and vent?

    I'm planning on moving the toilet in my bathroom along a bit from where it currently sits, but I also need to move my soil pipe vent since it now comes out too close to my new loft velux window. Because of this it I think it makes sense to just move the soil pipe hole to where the new toilet...
  2. D

    Replace soil pipe

    Hi there, I'm installing a new toilet in upstairs bathroom, trying to connect the pan to the soil pipe and it looks like the soil pipe is cracking (it's probably 30+ years old at least). It's solvent welded in place, how best can I remove and replace? Thanks
  3. S

    Question: Toilet waste opposite bath/basin

    Hi, I'm new here. We're redoing our bathroom and would like to join toilet waste on one side of a branch, and a conjoined bath and basin on the other side. The regs say this is iffy with a non-swept junction. Would a swept junction like this work if we put a 50mm to 110m offset adapter like...
  4. H

    Advice please - what happens if I report?

    Hello. I'm looking for some advice about a neighbour's outbuilding. The neighbour has built an outbuilding (which is their right of course) but have also connected a soil pipe from the outbuilding all the way down the garden to then join the sewerage system on a shared passageway. The trench...
  5. A

    Toilet pan connector

    I need to replace a toilet due to a cracked cistern. I notice the pan connector appears to be what looks like solvent weld type, correct me if I'm wrong. Can the same connector be used on the new toilet or is it best to replace the pan connector as I'm not sure I can find another toilet where...
  6. R

    Toilet Waste Connection into Concrete Floor

    I am replacing a traditional toilet with a Grohe frame and I need to replace the existing waste connection (see pic below) with the one that comes with the Grohe frame. The connector goes down into the concrete floor and I have no visibility of where it goes/ how it connects. If I just yank it...
  7. K

    How to connect to clay sewage pipe

    Shown connection to clay waste coming in at steep angle from toilet directly behind wall. We are moving toilet further away from the wall and so need shallower angle of connection all the way to clay pipe to get steady drop over the distance. We are not using a mascerator because of sanitary...
  8. rayleigh20

    Adding a bathroom upstairs

    Hi. Wanting advice on a house I am thinking of buying. It currently only has a very small toilet and shower downstairs about the size of a standard cloakroom which is totally not practical. Have a spare bedroom upstairs that could be converted but not sure how I would get the waste to the soil...
  9. G

    Soil pipe drop. Advice needed please.

    Hi everyone. I am fitting a new downstairs toilet. However the soil pipe from the upstairs toilet is 4 meters away on the same wall. How much drop will I need in cm? For obvious reasons I don't want to get this wrong. Thanks in advance.
  10. D

    New Bathroom - Drainage, Pipes, is this plan good?

    Hello I am about to start my tiling in my upstairs bathroom which I delayed from last year. I just made a quick sketch of my drainage plan. Please see below, is it all good for Uk Regs. My Building Officer told me that it is best to use 50mm. then connect your 40mm pipes to it. Using riding...
  11. R

    venting soil stack through a wall?

    I have a soil stack in my attic that I discovered is open. I fitted a Durgo AAV but this caused gases to build up and leak out from the bath p trap. I took the Durgo off and the smell stopped. So I'm thinking I need to vent the soil stack externally. My roof is asymmetrical, it rises to the top...
  12. H

    Bathroom in Victorian house

    Just wondering if I can get some advice. I have removed the old toilet, shower and wash basin and the lead soil pipe that ran under the floorboards and out to the soil stack on the exterior. I have cut the soil stack using an angle grinder and know that I need a rubber connector for the old pipe...
  13. J

    Connecting new bathroom soil to concrete manhole

    Hi, I am getting my garage converted into a bedroom and bathroom , I've been quoted and am happy, I wanted to do part myself which I'm thinking of doing the soil pipe from the toilet to the existing concrete manhole, I just am not sure if it's possible or if anyone has any better ideas! I will...
  14. S

    Running macerater soil pipe above ground?

    I have a static airstream caravan in my garden. Up to now its been my office, I am converting it to spare bedroom with bathroom shower and loo. I plan to use a saniflo for the waste. My problem is the saniflo waste will start 20ft from the house then run down the side of the house to the...
  15. Master321

    Combining Rainwater with greywater

    Hi, I am planning to swap the location of my kitchen and dining room and the best route for the greywater would be into existing rainwater gulleys - with a short extension. It is a house from the early 30s so the rain and soil pipe already combine before entering a combined sewer running...
  16. B

    Broken vertical clay pipe

    Hello, long time lurker/first time poster here. Basically I've had to remove (and will hopefully replace..) the cast iron soil pipe on our early 60s semi. The old one came down without too much trouble but before starting I noticed the collar on the clay pipe was cracked. Sadly the crack turned...
  17. T

    Connect upstairs toilet to downstairs floor soil pipe

    I’m not a plumber firstly, but here goes. I’m doing a loft conversion, the new bathroom toilet is directly above the existing downstairs toilet. The plastic soil pipe in the downstairs concrete floor comes up about 9 inches from the wall. (I don’t want to take the soil pipe through an outside...
  18. Pinoy

    Steep Soil Pipe Fall to Septic Tank

    I have a septic tank 15m from the manhole cover on the terrace. I need to lay a soil pipe from the manhole cover to the septic tank. Horizontal distance from manhole to septic tank is 15m. Vertical drop is 3m. In the three pictures attached the manhole cover is by the wheelbarrow on the...
  19. S

    is it possible to move a soil pipe to an outside wall

    I’m looking at the possibility of moving a internal soil pipe outside. The soil pipe services an en-suite upstairs wc, shower and basin. Downstairs it services a shower which I intend to remove. The existing pipe runs down the middle of the house and out to an inspection chamber which is...
  20. R

    Soil pipe mayhem

    Hi All We are buying our first property and have what we suspect is an exposed 4" soil pipe running along the kitchen ceiling. The pipe has been boxed in and it's there as a result of an extension. What possibilities are available to fully conceal the pipe or redirect it? We have attached a...