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    Possible leak from soil pipe outside causing damp

    Hello, I’m looking for some advice.. we’ve recently moved into a new property and have noticed that the soil pipe external to the house is leaking every time the toilet is flushed. It’s partially covered by decking but we can see clearly above the part above decking and have tested it so we...
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    Routing Soil Pipe

    Hi all, Looking for some advice on routing soil stack. Doing the classic terrace renovation of moving the bathroom from downstairs to upstairs in the third bedroom. Current toilet is downstairs in the corner. A plumber has suggested routing the stack up the back wall. Unfortunately in the...
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    Gutter into soil pipe

    Hi, advice needed please. We live in a 1700’s property which has a combined drainage system where all waste and surface water (guttering etc.) feeds into the same drain. The outside pipe work is carnage and I’m trying to tidy up. We have a soil and a guttering down pipe that run (almost)...
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    Leaking 110mm Soil pipe socket seal

    Hi all, Got an old 60s/70s PVC soil stack, the pipe socket (which is partly painted pink in the photo) is Hunter branded and has an old O-ring design quite different to modern stuff. I tried to revive the o-ring with some grease and ran a short length of new grey PVC pipe into it, then have a...
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    Flexible soil pipe coupling

    Hi I had a leak caused by a crushed double socket push fit coupling just below floor level. In order to replace the coupling, I cut the pipe above (where the photo is marked 1) and pulled out the access pipe from the broken coupling, replaced the coupling (marked 2), then put the access pipe...
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    Outside Bottle Gully Question

    Hi all, Wanted some advice on an outside bottle gully that I currently have. At the moment it has 3 appliance waste pipes going into the top of it and a redundant waste pipe on the side (which I want to use for a ACO driveway drain). The outlet feeds direct to the main drain (confirmed by...
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    Broken clay soil pipe collar?

    Hello, we are having some groundworks done and have noticed that where the concrete has been partially removed around the bottom of the soil pipe (from toilet etc), it has exposed a gap at the end of the plastic pipe which is leaking - it looks maybe like the collar on the lower clay pipe has...
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    Soil pipe across wall

    Hi, we currently have a vertical soil vent pipe. It is in the way of where we would like to build a rear extension. I’m hoping someone could offer some guidance here as without moving this pipe we’d be unable to open up the rear of the house. Is it likely to be acceptable to remove the bottom...
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    Multiple Toilet Outlets

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice. I'm a self builder and I am about to put in the plumbing for 2 ensuites and a main bathroom. Each has a toilet and it's the waste pipe to soil pipe plumbing that I need a little help with. 1 toilet will go up against an outside wall so I'm OK with that one as I...
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    Soil pipe cross flow between sink and shower

    Attached is a ground floor picture of the soil pipe in our home. There was originally a toilet which has now been permanently capped off and you can also see a sink waste pipe attached. My plan is to drill out one of the 50mm sockets directly opposite the current sink waste for a new 40mm...
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    damaging a ceramic soil pipe

    Hi, im putting in some new footing around an existing old ceramic soil pipe. i've been advised not to encase the pipe in soil pipes in concrete (albeit only whilst it passes through 200mm thick of footings ) and try bridge over it. However, i've noticed the pipe has old mortar stuck to it and...
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    Side Extension - Moving soil pipe

    It's a semi detached house with private man hole and drains. The soil pipe is on the side of the building and a new side extension is being built. A new manhole is also being built to move the drains and then connect to main manhole. But for the soil pipe, I think there won't be enough drop...
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    Core drilling near footing

    I want to core drill through the cavity wall, underground, for a soil pipe. Due to the depth and location of the existing outside drains it will be very close to the footing, practically resting on it. It will need to be about a 150 mm opening. Is this a concern for structural stability? DIY-able?
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    Underground soil pipe solvent weld

    Hi, not sure if this is should be in the plumbing or building forum. I want to install a new ground floor toilet which involves teeing into the existing soil stack below ground level. I have already cut a 4 metre long trench through the floor slab and dug out enough material to install the pipe...
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    110mm Solvent Weld Reducers

    Right next to my shower tray there is a 110 mm soil pipe and i need to feed-in the 40mm waste pipe. Being in a recess, once it is connected up it is virtually inaccessible without taking the tray back out again. :-/ My question relates to the best type of reducer to go with i.e. solvent weld or...
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    Flat roof repair

    Hello We had a a leak in the kitchen. The roof above is a flat roof on the kitchen extension The best I can work out the problem is on the wall/roof junction. Specifically behind the soil pipe. There is no leading on the wall/roof junction behind the soil pipe. It looks like the roof felt or...
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    Joining 110mm vertical soil pipe to cast iron pipe

    I've recently removed an old and cracked soile pipe from the rear of my house, which I had planned to replace with a nice new PVC soil pipe. I pulled down the cast iron pipe leaving a stump at the bottom to join to. However, I hadn't realised when I got the new pipe that the diameters weere...
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    Moving my soil pipe and vent?

    I'm planning on moving the toilet in my bathroom along a bit from where it currently sits, but I also need to move my soil pipe vent since it now comes out too close to my new loft velux window. Because of this it I think it makes sense to just move the soil pipe hole to where the new toilet...
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    Replace soil pipe

    Hi there, I'm installing a new toilet in upstairs bathroom, trying to connect the pan to the soil pipe and it looks like the soil pipe is cracking (it's probably 30+ years old at least). It's solvent welded in place, how best can I remove and replace? Thanks
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    Question: Toilet waste opposite bath/basin

    Hi, I'm new here. We're redoing our bathroom and would like to join toilet waste on one side of a branch, and a conjoined bath and basin on the other side. The regs say this is iffy with a non-swept junction. Would a swept junction like this work if we put a 50mm to 110m offset adapter like...