soil pipe

  1. S

    Step in foul drain run.

    Can i put a step in a drain run? Down obviously not up, i would assume it needs to be rod-able from both directions but would it work? I have a reinforced ground beam to get over. The invert of the drain is the same height at the middle of the ground beam so i was proposing 110mm pipe over the...
  2. W

    soil pipe height calculations

    Hello, I'm attempting to lay the soil pipe and inspection chamber on part of my extension myself (a new toilet) so did a few calculations and below is my toilet, two inspection chambers and the main sewer outlet that I believe I need to accommodate the change in directions. From what I've been...
  3. Chetz01

    Soil Pipe Join Drips

    So I recent got around to decorating the spare bathroom its always had a spot on the ceiling where the previous owners said they experienced a leak but had fixed. Anyway i came to sanding the spot down for a new coat of paint and noticed some dampness. Upon...
  4. L

    Soil Pipe

    Hello, A plumber has just installed a new waste pipe for a new bathroom which runs approx. 7 meters. I was skeptical about his work so thought i'd have a look at what was done. The first 1 - 1.5 meters of the pipe has a slight upward incline on it (tested with a spirit level) before it declines...
  5. A

    Soil Pipe - Closed up

    Good Morning I bought a house last year, which includes an outhouse which used to house a downstairs toilet. I was looking into the possibility of turning it into a downstairs bath/shower/toilet room as the upstairs bathroom is quite small. It seems the old owner has closed off the Soil pipe...
  6. J

    Soil Pipe Vent Full of Water

    Hi.... A damp patch on an upstairs bathroom ceiling took me into the loft - I found the source of the leak was a dripping flexible pipe that connects the soil pipe to a vent in the roof. The outside of the pipe was dry - but inside contained about 2 litres of water which had collected in the...
  7. S

    Reparing Broken Underfloor DPM

    Moving WC/waste in bathroom. We’ve unearthed and cut back the soil pipe as required. In doing so we’ve removed the DPM back to the edge of our trench (about 30 x 60cm). I’m concerned we should make good the DPM. I've considered removing more floor to expose good DPM so we can patch it somehow...
  8. A

    Moving soil pipe vent out from building by 50mm

    Hi, We have a vent pipe from our soil pipe running up the outside of our single story house, the pipe is connected just below ground level into a porcelain joint (see picture). The pipe is purely ventilation as all sewage happens below ground. We are having the back of the house clad and need...