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    Painting stairs under runner

    Morning, I've removed years of paint from my victorian staircase in preparation for painting or staining. Anyway I've decided to have a runner and paint the visible wood eggshell white. Is it normal to just paint the few inches visible either side of the runner (and the stringers) and leave the...
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    New newel or not to new newel?

    This is what I'm dealing with. Anyone tackle a similar project before? The post is 70mm x 70mm which will be replaced or extended/made good with a 90mm x 90mm post. I'm considering several approaches but wondering if bolting flat steel bars may be the easiest work around. Steps 1 and 2 are...
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    Restoring a staircase - help please!

    Hi all Hope you can help! I'm (trying to) restore my stair case. The plan is to stain the treads, newel posts and rail dark, and paint the risers white. Have got as far as remving the carpet, hundreds of nails/staples, stripping the paint from the treads/risers etc, and have now started...