1. J

    Restore old staircase Help advise tips

    Got an old staircase which need to be restored. What options would you suggest without spending a fortune? I don't like carpet even if seems the obvious cheap option.
  2. D

    Confused with staircase 3 switch circuit

    Hi All, Some weeks ago one of our ceiling lights stopped working. It’s one of those where 3 switches operate it, in our main corridor. With a multimeter I tested the fixture which holds 3 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. The bulbs themselves are all fine (tested in a different room)...
  3. Z

    Main wooden stairs renovation

    Hi there, I have a 1930s straight staircase which is in decent condition structurally but requires some attention. My plan is to renovate it by cladding over existing treads and risers and fix the squeaks from underneath - thankfully I can gain easy access as it is all open. The main issue I...
  4. K

    I need help fixing squeaky stairs, might need to reinstall them

    I got a house and the stairs from 1st floor to the loft are really squeaky and not very sturdy looking. There is no carpet on it yet and I wanted to fix them or make them stronger before getting the carpet I try to open one of the vertical panels by removing the screws as I was removing I heard...
  5. R

    Neatening up underside of winder stairs

    i have a double winder staircase that has its underside plastered around the lower half. Its not done very neatly, where it meets the wall is pretty wavy and random, and the curve is irregular and has grooves all over it. What can I do as a novice? Can easifill help me here? Because thats the...
  6. G

    removing newel post, may be structural

    Hi can anyone pleaseeee help me , can this post be cut and taken out? Basically it’s to move furniture up my ridiculously narrow staircase! Whole headboard , base and bunch of other things won’t go up and getting rid of them isn’t an option! Wasn’t sure if this is supporting ceiling or not
  7. J

    Old existing staircase in need of restyiling. How to over clad it. Help

    As per attached photos. I have an old staircase which need a bit of modernization. I have seen someone cladding it with solid timber flooring but not sure how works around the bullnose area. How would you do it. Any help and tips is welcomed Tnanks
  8. H

    How to fix MASSIVE gaps between stairs and wall?

    Our house is almost 200 years old and the stairs is the original with a lot of repairs. As you can see in the picture there are massive gaps between the wall and the stairs. How do I fix this?
  9. A

    Staircase skirting edge to plasterboard

    Hi folks, Bear with me as I try to describe this as best as I can, pictures paint a thousand words though so please see those too! In a relatively new build (5yrs old, housebuilder was junk, lots of issues) and it's time to tackle the gaps appearing between the wooden 'large' skirting that...
  10. Ronsil

    Moving a staircase

    Hi all, Just after a bit of advice/help at the moment. Our staircase comes down into the living room, it is a 1980's house and all in our area seem the same. The staircase in the living room makes the room feel very small and hard to heat as all the heat goes up the stairs. We would like to...
  11. J

    Ceiling under new stair curved with batten. Help from where I start

    I have got installed new stair and now need to get ceiling up. I have no idea from where to start with batten. I have attached photos below. Any advise would be appreciated
  12. O

    Which Newel post is this?

    Hello, Could someone please tell me where could I get this post from? Don’t really want to spend £100+ on one custom made post. Extending rail hence need exact match. Our house is in Oxfordshire and ~1997 built if that helps. Thanks9CD4B108-2584-47F9-BC90-ECBF311881B8 by Overthemoon posted 8...
  13. P

    can I cut my stair newel post ?

    I'd like to remove the bottom half of the newell post to allow the opening up of the area beneath the extends from the ground floor right up to the landing, will this affect the structure of the staircase ? ..thanks in advance
  14. P

    Advice for building a staircase

    Hi All, sorry about the long post. I'm going to move my stairs as this will allow me to squeeze in an extra room upstairs. I'm planning to build the new staircase myself from scratch - I realise that buying a kit is the easiest way to do this, but I fancy the challenge and reckon I can do it a)...
  15. D

    Supporting loft conversion landing - what would you do?

    Evening folk, I was wondering if you helpful lot could give some suggestions on how to frame the new floor landing of a loft conversion. Basically I'm having a double dormer loft conversion which is set over two levels. They are accessed by a dog leg staircase, the first flight of which...
  16. B

    Distance of doors from landing

    Good morning, I have moved a bathroom wall to enlarge the bathroom. Previously the door was swinging outside and there was a small area in front of it. I have moved the wall bringing it closer to the staircase that is coming from the ground floor but with the door swinging inwards now. My friend...
  17. Marchant232

    Newel post Help!

    Good evening everyone, First time posting here so please be kind :) I am carrying out a renovation of my 1960’s staircase. I’d like to remove the part of the newel post that sticks out below the ceiling. Is this supporting the tenon on the stringer above or can I cut it off? I’m no longer...
  18. D

    Internal Cracking

    A house I am looking to buy has the following cracks (see pictures) one is to the side of a lintel and the other vertical crack is just to the left of the window. They are at top of the stair case and above is a further stair case to a converted loft (approx 30 years old). I have had look...
  19. J

    What to seal a untreated wooden staircase with ?

    Hi I have removed the old carpet from my stairs .The wood underneath is untreated .I have sanded the wood down and filled the edges that connect to the wall/Bannister .What would be best to coat the floor with ? Many thanks John
  20. H

    New Staircase

    Hi Has anybody ever ordered a staircase online? It seems a lot cheaper than some of the local quotes I am getting. We need 2 staircases for our new build and looking at a few companies online where you can design and have them built, then sent out. seems pretty comprehensive, and...