removing newel post, may be structural

14 Jan 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi can anyone pleaseeee help me , can this post be cut and taken out? Basically it’s to move furniture up my ridiculously narrow staircase! Whole headboard , base and bunch of other things won’t go up and getting rid of them isn’t an option! Wasn’t sure if this is supporting ceiling or not
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the newel only supports the string so cut flat above the white string the rest is constructed from what looks like 25-32mm square section timber screwed together
you could have a large dowel on the cut as the rest is screwed to the top and i assume bottom ??
Thanks so much for your reply! I never thought of their maybe being a dowel. Their was a screw at the bottom which I had taken out to see what it was , it was a large bolt. So woukd you chance taking this down? I really need all my furniture upstairs my whole living room is packed with beds etc
the dowel i suggested is more an addition after cutting to locate the rest off the newel when you refix it to give you the reinstated banister to comply with building regs it wont be the strongest but because its a small area and fairly impossible to go head long at it the screws top and bottom should be enough
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Ah yes I get you! My main concern was just that if it was to come down my ceiling wouldn’t be supported anymore I was super worried
if you can separate the newel from the banister, it will be easier when getting it back in because if you locate the bottom onto a peg/dowel the top off the post will be perhaps 4 or 5 mm higher because off the angle and you will probably have to shave a wedge to allow the drop through an ark if yo take this off the ceiling within the path and footprint off the post you wont see it

although looking at the picture the pocket on the wall side may be quite loose and filler used but my idea is easy removal with little or no attention to decoration to allow easy safe use
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Have you considered upper windows as entry point , put a single divan bed thru mine with use of two ladder's .
Yep tried but bed is 5ft and window is only 3ft so isn’t an option. Tried taking carpet up on stairs also just to give it an extra inch room and it nearly worked but think last option is to remove this banister but just don’t want a massive job on hand as only just moved into this new house so lots need done didn’t want to have to have to do this also
haha it’s actually paint not wallpaper , needs all sanded aswell before repainted as it’s a texture paint nothings been simple ha

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