1. TedTrippin

    Are these stairs acceptable?

    Had a 2 storey side extension. These are stairs where the wall breaks through. Are they acceptable? One thing which isn't obvious from the photos, they aren't level and they actually feel "weird" when you stand on them. (Last photo done in better light)
  2. L

    Turning stairs around

    I've recently bought my first property (mid-terraced), and I have a question about the stairs. I know that the general and safest answer is "consult a structural engineer", but I'd like to just get a rough idea of whether or not what I want to do is possible. My stairs at the minute come from...
  3. S

    Top newel post installation

    I would love a steer on the way to go with this newel installation at the top of the stairs. for anyone wondering, the extra bit of timber attached to the inside of the stringer is how I am offsetting the newel and handrail slightly to avoid new handrail clashing with the landing ceiling. So...
  4. S

    Newel Post

    My next DIY project is replacing naff cheap late 70s horizontal bannisters for new traditional spindle handrail version You can see the bottom of the stairs and stringer in picture 1 and the newly post I'm getting in picture 2. From the various videos I have watched on the topic I am thinking...
  5. U

    Understairs brickwork, structural?

    Hi there, My wife decided that the space under the stairs wasn’t being utilised properly so asked me to open up the space to see what could be done with it. I’m wondering if anyone could give me some advice on if this is is structural/supporting brick wall or not? Cheers, Jeff
  6. Yapstick

    Stringer Construction

    Hi, I'm trying to decide if it's best to construct stringers from a singe length of wood or by composite, i.e cut out the risers separately and then attach them to another length of wood. Would the composite method be stronger, due to the uncompromised nature of the backer piece? (I'll be using...
  7. R

    How do i secure this riser?

    So the riser on the bottom step is not secured where it meets the chipboard floor. I can’t screw it into the floor because the chipboard ends right under the riser and there is a void. The riser flexes alot. How can I secure the riser so it doesn’t sound like its broken when it gets kicked?
  8. K

    how to paint match stairs

    hey, i got stairs up to first floor which are nicely painted and Stairs from first floor to second need painting and are different colour. Got two question. 1) How to paint the stairs from first to second floor, I got a wood stain but the white gloss paint that is already painted does not like...
  9. W

    Thinking or refurbishing the stairs.

    Hello fellow DIYer's. I'm thinking of refurbishing my stairs by painting them completely and adding either a runner or stair mats. I also have a half landing that currently has floor boards. The idea is to paint all of the stairs and the bullnoses of the half landing and replace the floorboards...
  10. H

    Heavy condensation in under stairs cupboard

    We moved to a 1950s detached house in September which has a cupboard space under the stairs. I've noticed some quite heavy condensation inside it which you can see in the attached pictures. The cupboard does smell faintly damp and there was a lot of mould / blown plaster on the walls here before...
  11. W

    300 year old stair replacement

    Hello, I have just moved into a 300 year old cottage. The bottom two steps of the staircase have dropped and I now want to replace them. I’ve taken them up and removed a lot of old wood and debris. the floor below the stairs is just dirt. Has any got any suggestions as to how I best support...
  12. DaveFix

    Replace Balustrade on 1950's Plasterboarded Stairs

    I would like to improve the appearance of this 1950's ex-council staircase. I've explored beneath the plasterboard but there's nothing of beauty hiding there. So I want to rip it all out and replace with an elegant varnished wood. It looks like I can only run a handrail and spindles up as...
  13. N

    Stairs landing size

    Hi All, I got a question, can someone help? My house is semi and extending to 2 storey. From the stairs I’ll go up and from landing if I turn left and one step climb I’ll go to existing rooms. If turn right I’ll go to new rooms. I would like to know what is the building reg minimum...
  14. N

    Glue mdf to underside of stairs?

    Hey all. The gaps between the tread and risers let’s lots of dust and debris through to the storage underneath the stairs. We want to stop this from happening and paint the inside to make it look a bit more finished. Can I bond mdf directly to the underside of the tread and raisers to block...
  15. Z

    Main wooden stairs renovation

    Hi there, I have a 1930s straight staircase which is in decent condition structurally but requires some attention. My plan is to renovate it by cladding over existing treads and risers and fix the squeaks from underneath - thankfully I can gain easy access as it is all open. The main issue I...
  16. S

    Advice needed: Cracks on stair wall. Is this a cause for concern?

    Hi, I have recently purchased a property and after starting to paint the hallway a brilliant white colour, i noticed filled in cracks that had been painted over by the previous owner. The cracks are visible from the bottom all the way to the top of the stairs. Are these a cause for concern or...
  17. H

    Soudal Gap Filler in stairs to fix noise - worked but worried about fire

    Dear all, Thanks for reading my post. In the process of redoing the flooring in my house (circa 1970s construction), the tradesman secured the stairs with screws, glue and brackets, which didn't do much. He then drilled holes into the stairs and filled the enclosed stairs undercavity with...
  18. R

    Large gap between stair and stringer

    I have a U turn staircase. There is a large gap (18mm) on one side between stringer and plasterboard wall, while the opposite side is cut about 12mm into the plasterboard. The gap is currently filled with foam, filler and caulk. Its uneven and cracked so I’ve removed the filler/caulk and raked a...
  19. G

    removing newel post, may be structural

    Hi can anyone pleaseeee help me , can this post be cut and taken out? Basically it’s to move furniture up my ridiculously narrow staircase! Whole headboard , base and bunch of other things won’t go up and getting rid of them isn’t an option! Wasn’t sure if this is supporting ceiling or not
  20. E

    Run skirting down stairs?

    When our house was built they finished the stairs really poorly! They seem to be slightly twisted so there are massive gaps in places between the stairs and the wall. It was covered by a flat bit of timber that looked awful. We’ve taken that off and are now trying to figure out how to create a...