1. S

    Do I need a DZR Stopcock?

    I've just purchased a Pegler brass stopcock. Does it need to be DZR? My water supplier states 'Sightly Hard' for my postcode
  2. S

    Mains isolation

    Hi The main Stopcock is a bit dodgy so I'm going to get a plumber to change, I was thinking of then getting him to fit an isolator just after this so that if ever I need to turn the water off I can just turn a lever as opposed to winding the stopcock as I would feel more relaxed knowing we had a...
  3. S


    Hello I was looking for the stopcock. I could not find it. However, I found this in the cupboard below the stairs. Can anyone advise me what it is. I guess it is something to do with the water supply
  4. M

    Can't Operate Stopcock

    I've moved into a new flat and struggling to shut the water off at the stop cock - it has no handle and the shaft is smooth and cylindrical so I can't get any grip with an adjustable wrench. Any suggestions on how to work it? Weirdly the end of it is smooth so can't work out if there was a...
  5. S

    Stopcock - Repacking - Advanced - Graphite Rope / Nylon repacking

    This is not your normal 'My stopcock is leaking - so we suggest ptfe/o-rings/locktight-thread to repack' discussion. There are tens of those types of posts - covering those solutions already. I am seeking to explore the topic of advanced/permanent repairs - to the packing material. If I have...
  6. M

    Advice on stopcock replacement & garden tap

    I was hoping to get some general advice for some work I'm planning to have done. I'd like to have a good plan of what I want before I start getting quotes. I want to replace the bathroom suite soon. The bathroom is directly above the kitchen and the pipes go from under the kitchen sink and up...
  7. Cactus_flower

    Fixing hot tap - combi boiler

    Hi all. Apologies if my question is obvious to some/most! I am fumbling in the dark here. Am a new home owner, and have a leaky hot tap in the upstairs bathroom. More specifically, we have a 1901 Bristan pillar bath/shower tap, and water is leaking from the spindle on the hot tap. I can't see...
  8. D

    Leaking Stopcock

    It only leaks when I turn it on is the first relevant point. I searched google and youtube and it seems people advise putting ptfe tape round the threads. Secondly it only effects the cold water supply. Thirdly the landlord claims there's no external stopcock and whoever installed it put it so...
  9. C

    Seized shut internal stopcock (on imperial pipe supplying outside tap)

    As the weather is no longer so cold I wanted to turn on the outside tap again which I had isolated in November by turning off its internal stopcock. That stopcock is stuck shut. It sits in the a (former)c fitted with compression fittings on an old copper pipe which I believe is of half-inch...
  10. Mechanical Mike

    can i fit stopcocks in my central heating

    hi , i am refurbishing a room which currently has two radiators in it. i want to remove both, bin them, and carry out a load of work e.g. soundproof one wall knock all the plaster off the opposite wall fit insulation and then fitted wardrobes etc. At the end of the work i'll move the position...
  11. S

    External Stop Cock Type - Water Meter

    Hi All, Recently moved into a property and need to fix the internal stopcock to the property as its siezed. Had a look at the external stopcock and its a type i've never seen before? There is a black plastic key in the meter box but it is rounded off so doesnt do anything Does anyone know...