1. D

    SWA only or T+E joined to SWA for new garage supply

    Hi, I need to put a new supply to garage as old supply is a 2.5mm T+E spur off of ring main which runs overhead outside! Is it standard to a) run the SWA all the way from the house CU all the way to the CU in the garage in one continuous run or b) run T+E from the house CU to a junction box...
  2. thompa25

    2 single phase circuits in 1 SWA cable

    Not sure on the regs for this, if anyone could enlighten me. What are the rules on running 2 single phase circuits in 1 SWA cable. I've got a lenght of 10mm 5 core cable and want to run 2 circuits in it out to the outbuilding. What would this do to current carrying capacity ratings? Just...
  3. D

    Cable for garage and workshop

    Hi I have reviewed some previous posts but I am not sure of the size of SWA cable to use for a garage and workshop. I am only planning to put the cable under the floor before some laminate gets laid - I am yet to get planning permission for the garage - but thought I would save an awkward job...
  4. StephenStephen

    SWA cable run for car charger

    Hi all, I'm having a car charger installed. The organisational process is complex - I talk to the project co-ordinator, who talks to the technical manager, who talks to the installing company. The project co-ordinator has raised the issue that the installers might need to do some...
  5. Y

    Does this cable need burying?

    I need to run a length of SWA along the back wall of the house. The route crosses the back door. It won't be very pretty to go up and over it. However, there is a recessed gap between the door threshold and the patio slab. Obviously it's in an area of foot traffic, but it would be visible and...
  6. P

    Supply to garden office

    Hello, I'm in the process of planning a small garden office build. I'll build the office but pay an electrician to install the electrics. However I just want to understand the potential extent of electrical works required. I currently have a BG dual rcd board (I know BG isn't great but it...
  7. SS-ProjectBuild

    Help with lintel size

    Hi Guys, going to be building up to DPC for my project this week. There will be 2 bridges for water and electric supplies to run under the blocks... what size/rating lintel will i need (assumng i need 4 lintels also)? Thanks
  8. SS-ProjectBuild

    SWA entering new outbuilding...conduit?

    Hi Guys, Im just running my utilites to my new outbuilding (still waiting to be built up to DPC). I had to run utiities first due to access etc. Is it ok if i run the swa beneath the dpc with a lintel and up through the concrete floor once its poured etc? DO i use a hockey stick to bend it in...
  9. S

    Garden power

    Hi Just after a bit of info about garden power, and don’t worry I will not be doing any of the connections myself and will be getting an electrician to do the work as I understand it needs to be notified to relevant organisations (part P). What I’m looking at doing-at the most we will want to...
  10. J

    Adding EV charging point to garage supply.

    Hi all, I need to replace the old fuse box in the garage with a CU and at the same time install a load balancing a fast charge outlet for electric vehicle. Current installation has a sub panel in the house (40A) with type B MCBs: 20A for kitchen sockets and 32A for the garage supply. Main board...
  11. M

    Swa, sub main electrical connection outbuilding

    Wondering if I could get some advice from you sparky’s please. House consumer unit connects to another consumer unit for the kitchen. Kitchen sub consumer has electric oven, induction hob, hood, lights and sockets connected. The connection for this secondary consumer unit is 16mm 3 core...
  12. R

    RCBO tripping with SWA extension to shed

    Hi all, Hoping you can offer a novice some advice. We've had the house re-wired with a new fuse box with RCBOs. Our electrician left the build a while ago and has sadly passed away since. Before he left he didn't finish connecting up the SWA cable running to the shed, so I've done it using some...
  13. D

    Sleeves for 6mm SWA

    Hi there, I have a 6mm 3 core SWA running to the garage and need to sleeve both the black cable (earth I think) and grey (neutral I think). The wires look like being 4mm in diameter so am right in simply saying I need to buy 5-6mm sleeves? Cheers
  14. P

    Log Cabin - Plumbing and Electric Cabling

    Hi, I'm having a log cabin built at the bottom of my garden. It was originally intended to be for dual use as a summer house and for extra storage but I'm now thinking that we could use it as a gym and with that in mind, it would be great to be able to have a shower and perhaps a WC/washroom as...
  15. M

    What SWA cable do I need to supply cabin

    Hi I am looking to get an electrician to connect power to a cabin in my garden which is located 60 meters away from the house. Could any one tell me what SWA cable ( 2,3,4 core? etc and what thickness? 6mm 10mm) I would need to supply it please? The cabin will have the following things that...
  16. meb97me

    Repair SWA Resin Joint

    Hi We've recently fitted a "Y" branch joint to the SWA cable that feeds our garage to run some power to another out building, however we're now experiencing tripping of the RCCB on out circuit board which can only be cured by the garage MCB being turned off. Having had a search on here one...