1. D

    Use a 3 way WiFi switch for a single light?

    Hi all, I have a couple of spare 3 way smart switches. I have a single light switch in my shed and thought I might as well make it 'smart'! So I wondered if I can use my old 3 way smart switch... I've attached a picture of the wiring for the existing switch, a pic of the back of the smart 3-way...
  2. A

    Light fitting not working. Causes?

    Hi, I've got two lights on a 2 gang switch. One of which works fine, the other doesn't work at all. It seems the switch is working correctly - power into one side, which it bridged to the other, and both switch lives are actually live when switched on. In the dodgy fitting, I have 3 wires - 2...
  3. P

    New Smart Switch Wiring

    I have a new 2-way smart switch to fit but need some advice over the wiring if anyone can help. The old switch has three inputs: Common, L1 and L2. The new one has P, L and a symbol as shown in the photo. Which wire goes where? Thanks in advance.
  4. D

    2-way & Off Grid Switch - with Neon Indicator?

    In a hallway where the lighting will usually be controlled by an IR occupancy sensor, I would like a 3-position switch. The switch will allow the lights to be controlled by the sensor, permanently on, or permanently off. As far as I can see the only solution is a "2-way & off" grid switch. Is...
  5. D

    kitchen light switch to many wires

    Hello everybody I’ve come to change the switch in my old chestnut cottage and I have found more wires then I was expecting. This light switch only controls one light in the room and is the only light switch in the kitchen. Could anyone help me out to find out what all these wires are for...
  6. Silver_springs18

    Changing light switches...

    Hi All, Just wondering if someone could help, I have a 3 gang light switch that I'm changing. One switch is for a outdoor light, one is for a internal light and one is for a dual switch light. (Landing light, so switch at the top of the stairs) It has the following connections at the rear...
  7. D

    Confused with staircase 3 switch circuit

    Hi All, Some weeks ago one of our ceiling lights stopped working. It’s one of those where 3 switches operate it, in our main corridor. With a multimeter I tested the fixture which holds 3 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. The bulbs themselves are all fine (tested in a different room)...
  8. E

    2 gang 2 way switch Switch 1 on and off are reverse but Switch 2 is correct.

    I have a 2 gang 2 way switch for 2 lights (corridor light and bathroom light). COM1, LA1 and LA2 is for switch 1 (Bulb 1). COM2, LB1 and LB2 is for switch 2 (Bulb 2). Remark: Those yellow cable are yellow, so we don't know which is live wire. When the switches are on. The bulb 2 is on but the...
  9. E

    Replace 2 way 2 gang

    I am replacing the old switch to new switch (2 way 2 gang). The top one is the new switch. The bottom one is the old switch. L11 and L12 are no cable connected. I can't figure out where to put these wires properly on the new switch. Any all help will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you...
  10. K

    Light circuit intermediate switch - what's up?

    I have three switches controlling one set of of lights on the upstairs lighting - one each end, and one downstairs. We have been living here several months and never noticed a problem, but a few weeks ago, I noticed that the intermediate switch did not work when the downstairs switch was in up...
  11. A

    2-Way Time Delay Switch Replacement

    Hi, I'm looking to replace a 2-way light switch for a 2-way delay light switch. I have replaced one already for a pneumatic time delay switch, but the second switch I bought has different wiring which I'm unsure about. Can anyone advise on how to rewire it correctly?
  12. SMF

    Puzzled.. Wiring a touch light from old switch

    Puzzled.. I am trying to replace an old 2 gang 1 way switch (see below how is wired) to a new 2 gang 1 way touch light switch (2nd picture), however I'm confused by the wires. Although a total novice, Im guessing the one were there is 2 res wres attached, is power and is being looped over to...
  13. D

    2 gang 1 way dimmer to 1 gang switch

    Hi, I have series of halogens in kitchen organised in 2 groups and fed to a single (1 way) dimmer light switch with two buttons (2 gang). Can I replace this with a 1 way 1 gang non dimmer? Only current one has worn out and I never use one set of lights without the other. Thanks
  14. G

    Replacing switch with a dimmer in a 3 way installation

    Hi guys. Trying to instal a dimmer switch but the arrangement I have is quite tricky so though I will ask for some advice. So the lights in my house can be controlled via multiple switches. I have 2gang 3-way switch in the kitchen to control kitchen and living room lights. I have 2x 1gang...
  15. C

    Replacement dimmer switch module

    Hi all. This dimmer switch module has stopped working. Would anybody be kind enough to recommend a replacement and where I can purchase it. Rather than me buying a whole new light switch and having to chuck the old one into a hole in the ground. Many thanks in advance.
  16. B

    Stupid Pneumatic Delay Switches

    I live in a leasehold property in London and I’m responsible (along with two others) for property maintenance. there’s a big hallway/stairway inside the building and the lighting is controlled by about half a dozen of those white pneumatic delay switches. We’re not happy with them - they don’t...
  17. S

    2 Gang to 1 gang dimmer switch wiring advice

    I've been trawling about 25 threads for an answer to what I hope is a really simple question about how I replace a 2 gang switch, which currently controls two seperate hanging light fittings in my lounge, to a single dimmer switch. I don't want to control the lights independently any more as...
  18. Egg80

    Double switch 2 gang changing issue - bathroom/extractor fan

    Hi, Hope someone can help. I've been changing the faceplates in my bedroom and the double switch to our en suite has me stumped. It controls the light and the extractor fan however, the terminals are different. I tried wiring the brown wires to L1s (notice 1 brown wire has to parts exposed (is...
  19. D

    Dimmable LED bulb in old dimmer switch lighting circuit

    What's the worse that can happen? Distant elderly relatives need to replace some old 60W tungsten filament bulbs. Problem is, the lighting circuit has an old dimmer switch and I've read that even dimmable LEDs don't work properly (or at all?) with old-style dimmer switches. The possible...
  20. OuluChris

    Replace double dimmer switch with single

    Hi, A room in my flat has a double dimmer switch but only one ceiling-mounted light (and no other main lights). It's also old and causing flickering (several of the other single dimmers in the flat have already been replaced because of this). When I remove the switch from the wall there are...