1. JLM1978

    Upvc door frame help

    Hello I've been trying to weather proof my front door and have had advice to fit a threshold kit. I have now purchased it but I'm not sure it should go in to a upvc door frame? Does anyone know if anything should sit in the bottom of the door frame? Picture for info but not mine. I was...
  2. A

    Front door cil/ laminate floor - gap

    Hi guys when my new laminate floor was fitted, it seems there’s now a gap between the cil of the front door and the new laminate in the hallway that meets it. See photo below - is something missing? Any suggestions on items to disguise this please would be super - I tried covering it up with a...
  3. M

    Threshold Bars/Strips for thick Carpet and Underlay

    Hello, I have had some carpets (and underlay) installed. However the carpet to carpet threshold bars the fitters used give some pretty steep “ramping”. So much so it gives quite a noticeable “trough” at the door thresholds even though the underlay is cutback underneath. Therefore has anyone...
  4. D

    Off the shelf internal door frame with threshold?

    I'm converting a car port which used to house the front door (with side light) so there will now need to be a standard 30" internal door there, but there also needs be a step down in to the new room as levels differ. Is a standard 32" door frame that includes a (preferably hardwood) threshold...
  5. D

    What type of glue or Dbl sided tape for transition/threshold strips?

    I have some aluminium Diall trans strips, with plastic btm strips, instructions indicate fixing by glue? Is there a heavy duty 25mm dbl sided tape available that would also do the job? Thanks Dain
  6. D

    Click vinyl - is it easy to put down etc

    I don't mind removing the door architraves etc to put it down. Is an underlay of some kind always necessary (am trying not to raise finished surface up too much). How much expansion space needed along edges of a 3x2m room? (room is currently without skirting) Once down, if I remove a...
  7. M

    External door steps, upvc threshold height and the 150mm dcp.

    To the left is the extension, on the right at 90deg to this is the original house wall. To the right of the patio door is next doors garden wall, running parallel with the extension. I have removed the existing concrete slab, which was less than 150mm below dcp level. We had no issues stepping...
  8. A

    How do I solve this flooring threshold?

    Hi, I have a varying depth, uneven but overall thin gap between a stone floor and enginnered laminate wood flooring, both sections laid on screed with underfloor heating. The gap is too narrow to fit a T-bar and I don't want to drill into the floor as the undefloor heating pipes are close to the...
  9. agulesin

    Under-door brush seal - where can I buy?

    Dear All, Our porch door threshold has a slot on the top surface towards the inside which I assume is for some kind of sealing strip. The slot is 5mm wide x 15mm deep. Googling brought up these sealing strips from Australia but I want to know whether something like the DS-13 strip is available...
  10. A

    Fixing a threshold strip

    Hi, does anyone know how I could fix the wobbly threshold strip on my front door? Sometimes it's a bit loose and this stops the door closing properly, which isn't good! I've attached a picture. I think it's adjustable, and that the middle strip you can see should lift up so I can access screws...
  11. N

    Laminate floor meeting fire door to garage -threshold?

    Hi, I'm flooring my kitchen which has an internal fire door leading to our garage. Our builder has gone bust without finishing the fire door and floor so I'm not sure what to do about ending the flooring where the fire door closes. I could use the standard Quickstep edging which would leave a...
  12. S

    internal door threshold - which wood and where from?

    The front external door-frame has a nice piece of hardwood reaching across the threshold. One internal door frame in my house has a threshold piece across the bottom. I've recently decided to add threshold pieces to the rest of the internal door frames - what sort of wood is usually used to do...