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Fitting Exterior threshold when ground’s too high!

Discussion in 'Windows and Doors' started by daniel_, 5 Aug 2020.

  1. daniel_


    11 May 2020
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    United Kingdom
    7F588A59-EDA0-4427-B435-FFD5E0A9611B.jpeg Hi folks,

    I have a bit of a challenge, I’d appreciate help with, please.

    The hardwood threshold was rotten right Through on our lower ground floor (Victorian) front door.

    I’ve pulled it out, removed a few bricks, and am trying to place a new one in its place. The trouble is the ground level had been raised over the years so the top of the threshold would only sit flush with the ground, which is obviously no good. (See pics)

    Previously another board had been added to the threshold (on top, at the front) to raise the level. I think it was letting moisture in and didn’t look great, plus my threshold has a chamfered front so wouldn’t work.

    So, I’m thinking my choices are:

    a) try and rebate the threshold to the shape of the doorframe to bring it up an inch.

    b) try and cut the doorframe and walls higher to bring the threshold up that way.

    my questions for each option are:

    a) how to go about this? It’s hardwood- is it possible to not make a mess of it with a multi tool or do I need to chisel (or other method)?

    B) how would I go about this? I presume I’d need to trim the frame with a multitool (a regular saw would catch on bricks etc) them I’d need to cut a section out the brickwork? Would a grinder be suitable and the best option? I’d also probably need to take a bit off the bottom of the door, which I’d rather avoid if possible.

    If there’s a better, simpler way, I’d appreciate knowing about it, and if not, any thought on the best option and Useful tips would be great.

    many thanks,

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