toilet cistern

  1. H

    Wall hung toilet - no room for cistern

    I am looking at installing a wall hung toilet. There is an 80mm void between the tiles and the brick wall behind. Tiles are on a plywood partition. The bricks are suitable for anchoring the steel frame, there is enough room for the soil pipe, however the 80mm void is not enough space for the...
  2. A

    Repair or replace cracked toilet cistern

    I have the following close coupled toilet and the ceramic cistern has cracked. Tenant say it happened by itself. Looking at the crack is this believable or do you guys reckon is due to some accidental or other impact? I understand cisterns can crack over time due to temperature changes or...
  3. W

    Which brand toilet should I go for?

    Hi I’m renovating my new bathroom and wondering which brand should I go for? In your experience which flush technology is better? Do they splash when flush? Quiet? Easy to broke / leaking? / Ceramic quality What’s your opinion? I don’t like that some toilet require multiple flush, or even...
  4. R

    SIAMP 99 Bottom Entry Filler Overflowing and Stopping

    Hi there, Got problems with a SIAMP overflowing, when I've had issues in the past they've continuously overflowed. The solution was a new diaphragm washer. This time it overflows for 10s then stops. I've replaced the washer and tried to make adjustments when it was still doing it - moved...
  5. G

    how to cut condensation in toilet cistern

    Hi, has anyone successfully done this please ? Ive got a serious dripping which seems to be from condensation. Ive found a couple of suggestions online, one is installing a mixer valve introducing some warmer water from the tank, could be expensive though ? another was to glue a yoga mat on...
  6. J

    Toilet flushes on 3rd attempt

    Hi all I have a problem with my toilet and was hoping somebody could help. My toilet was not flushing at all so I had a look at the syphon and the diaphragm film appeared to be damaged so I replaced the entire syphon unit. Now after the replacement, the toilet does flush but requires you to...
  7. J

    False wall bathroom for toilet. How to do it?

    I have to build a 1m height false wall to hide the toilet cistern. I only got 200mm. How would you place your 4x2?
  8. S

    Slow overflow of water from toilet cistern to bowl

    The toilet in our bathroom is about five years old. Over the past few weeks it has developed a fault so that after flushing the water continues to run into the bowl. It does eventually stop, but it takes a while and it seems to be taking longer and longer. Taking off the cistern lid I can see...
  9. M

    PTFE tape or not?

    Hello, Put one of these in to replace a faulty one, do I need to tape the threads at the bottom of a fill valve? Will it hurt if I do? Cheers
  10. A

    Doubling up fibre washer

    I'm trying to reconnect a bottom inlet toilet fill valve with a brass tail to a fixed water pipe. I have one of those 1/2" red fibre washers from screwfix but they look very thin - about 1mm thick. Is there any harm in sticking in 2 of these in before I tighten the connection?
  11. meb97me

    Finding replacement chain pull toilet syphon

    We've got an old overhead chain pull cistern on our bathroom toilet. Ever since we've moved in it's always needed several pulls on the chain in order for it to flush. I'd like to replace/refurbish it but i'm struggling to identify the make or a suitable alternative. Does anyone have any ideas on...
  12. U

    My cistern is running - not sure how to tackle the job (photos inside)

    Hi all, My toilet is constantly running (not a lot - but it means that every couple of hours the cistern noisily refills which is disturbing us during the night). There's a front panel which gives me access to the cistern but, I can't get in to the top of the cistern in order to change...
  13. B

    Geberit frame bend angle

    Hi, I have installed the waste pipe as seen in the attached photo, making sure I have a fall of 1:4 to 1:3 from invert of the bend at the frame to the invert of the 4” pipe at the face of the bend ( the distance is 1400mm) that goes into the outside soil pipe. However, I’ve just seen few...
  14. B

    Toilet waste fall

    Hi, the horizontal length of 4” pipe from cistern frame to the face of the 92.5 degree bend which goes into the main stack pipe, is 1400mm and has a fall of 45mm i.e 1:31.6, is this okay? I’m aware 1:40 is the standard. See attached for more details. Also the joint of the bend and the 4inch...
  15. P

    SIAMP toilet cistern not filling up - even after washer replacement!

    Help! When my toilet stopped flushing due to the cistern no longer filling with water, I found this helpful thread: and discovered a crack in my inlet valve washer - I have now replaced this and I believe I've done...
  16. R

    Constantly filling toilet

    Hi all, So, push button toilet, believe it to be a SIAMP flush. Couple of months ago, cistern was taking ages to fill. Took the top off, took it apart, found the diaphragm washer was split. Replaced the washer, put it back together, bingo. Fills like a dream, award major man points to myself...
  17. robnights

    Trying to fit cistern to pan

    We bought a cistern with integrated sink, which by default comes with a downpipe. But we wanted this fitted to a closed coupled toilet, so bought an adapter kit. Thing is, we just cant get it watertight. No matter how we set this up, water is pouring from the join between the cistern and the...
  18. M

    Toilet cistern filling as and when, what needs replacing?

    Hi all My cistern started making an droning noise a month or so back when filling, now, it's louder when refilling after flushing and it's regularly refilling by itself... very early in the morning. Is it the 'float' device that's faulty or the flush valve? Or would you normally replace both? TIA