towel radiator

  1. bettz1

    Problem with 1 radiator not heating

    Over the weekend we had a plumber come round and take off the small radiator from our ensuite and fit a towel radiator. I'm abit unsure as he never put the heating on to test etc so when he went we switched the heating on to make sure all was ok. We've noticed that the small radiator...
  2. bettz1

    Changing small radiator for towel radiator

    Hi would it be possible to change our small radiator for a towel radiator. We've always thought its too close to the toilet especially to hang towel above. Would this be something I could do or would I need a plumber? Ideally we'd like to move it more central but behind the radiator we...
  3. Robotman

    Wiring towel radiator heating element

    Hi All, I've just bought a 300w heating element for my towel radiator. In terms of wiring, was thinking of taking a spur using a 1.5m2 cable from my double socket to an FCU, the flex of the heating element to the FCU. Does that sound right and what amp should the FCU be? Thanks in advance...
  4. D

    Towel Radiator Bleed Valve Query

    Hey, So I have this kind of Tower Rad installed: As per the pictures attached it doesn't use the standard 1/2” BSP valve size, what is it using? I am guessing it is a 1/4? Cheers
  5. dazzlr

    What controls for a duel fuel towel rail?

    Hello all, I want to remotely control/automate a duel-fuel towel rail/rad and I don't like those controlls you find attached to the end of some elements like the pic attached (too much getting down on your hands and knees, after you've gone to get your glasses kind of thing). My assumption of...
  6. M

    Replacing lost water from replacing 2 towel rads on condensing boiler and megaflo system

    I’m going to be replacing 2 towel radiators like for like and have an ideal Icos HE12 condensing boiler with a megaflo cylinder and tank in loft. I’m aware of what I need to do to change radiators but don’t know how to replace the water that will be lost from the 2 old towel radiators as not...
  7. M

    Changing a towel radiator on a megaflo system

    Hi, I’m planning on replacing a towel radiator (like for like size) and had a few questions I’m hoping someone could help me out with. I plan to isolate the rad at the valves at the base of the rad, drain it into a bucket (using the bleed valve to release all the water), install and connect...
  8. F

    Complete newbie - question on heating a towel radiator

    Hi, I've just had a bathroom towel heater replaced in my bathroom. The old one had two pipes going into it (as does the new one), one of the had a numbered thermostat on it so I could change the temperature on it. I should mention that the towel radiator runs on the hot water as opposed to...
  9. J

    Towel rail size . How to get it right before buying

    Got plumber who set up towel rail pipe at 498C/C. How wide need to be my towel rail? Thanks
  10. B

    Towel radiator valve leak

    Hi all I’m hoping somebody can help? We have a towel radiator in the bathroom (pictured) which is leaking from the top right valve. Obviously with current COVID restrictions we thought we would have a go ourselves. Can you please advise the steps we would need to take ie what do we need to turn...
  11. Amanda Parker

    Towel Radiator

    Hi I wondered if anyone cld advise me please. I have an existing double panel radiator that I wish to have replaced by a towel radiator the problem I have is the the nearest towel radiator I can buy is 560mm from centre to centre of where the plumbing pipes are. And my existing radiator is...
  12. P

    Chrome Straight Towel Radiator Valve Leaking

    Hi, My towel radiator valve is leaking from the centre where it screws in rather than from the pipe or radiator joints. I've seen plenty of articles/videos on how to use a "string" of PTFE to pack a gland on a standard radiator valve but I can't find anything on these now common towel radiator...
  13. L

    Concealing Towel Radiator Pipework (Combi Boiler)

    I need to conceal some towel radiator pipework, pipes are microbore (10mm) to speedfit 90 degree compression fittings. The wall has been dry lined so its approx 12.5mm plaster board, before we get to plaster/concrete etc. Currently, the microbores going into the rad don't have sufficient...
  14. R

    Mystery towel rail

    Anyone got any idea what's going on here? Trying to remove a single towel rail from the bathroom. It has pipes going through the wall from a cupboard in the hallway. Thinking it must have been connected to an old hot water tank? The pipe has a stopper at one end and then goes to a valve...
  15. R

    Recommend a quality towel radiator brand (for CH)

    I'm looking to install a chrome towel rad (central heating) in a small en-suite. When I look at the reviews for Flomasta and Kudox products on the Screwfix and B&Q websites, I see comments like "leaks or rusts after a year". Please recommend a decent quality brand that I won't have to replace!
  16. J

    Towel Radiator Dual Fuel T-Piece Problem

    Hello, In the process of installing a dual fuel kit to a towel radiator and can't for the life of me get the t-piece to line up in a sensible direction and be anywhere near tight enough to be water tight. The supplier of the kit claim that this is the first time they've heard of this problem...