towel rail

  1. R

    noob question about how water flows through a rad!

    i've recently balanced my system and learned a bit about inlet/outlet flow, TRVs and lockshields, but something is still bugging me. assuming a system is well balanced, and you're using the TRVs on a towel rail, if you set the TRV to 1 (therefore limiting flow) does this mean that the top rung...
  2. S

    Best method for positioning towel rail pipework before tiling

    The new towel rail (en-suite) will be arriving this week and I need to sort the pipework for it - comes out of the floor, which is not yet screwed-down. My issue is how best to do this to allow for (small) error, as the tiles are not on the wall either i.e. I don't know exact thickness of tiles...
  3. S

    Towel Rail - Floor to Centre of Tapping, minimum distance - What's that all about?

    Noticed on some websites selling towel rails, that they quote a 'Floor to Centre of Tapping minimum distance'. Didn't think there was any particular restriction on height, so long as you go above the skirting board, assuming one is present!?
  4. S

    Best method for plumbing a towel rail

    I have removed a rad from the bathroom that was fed from 10mm plastic pipe (see attached pic), which had been chased into the wall; I dread to think how deep they went! I now need to move the pipes higher up the wall for the replacement towel rail and my query relates to the best way to do this...
  5. V

    Try cutting Olives from Plastic Pipes or just reuse the valves?

    Hi I need to replace a towel rail that is connected to plastic piping, where the pipes only protrude a short distance from a tiled wall. My first thoughts are that it's a bad idea to change the valves, because if I were to damage the plastic when removing the olives there is no leeway to cut...
  6. L

    Towel rail does not heat up

    When the heating is turned on, all the radiators in the flat is on. But the towel rail in the bathroom does not heat up. I have a combi boiler. Photos of towel rail are attached. Looking at the towel rail - there's a wire coming out of it at the bottom but no valves(?). I'm confused and wonder...
  7. J

    Towel rail size . How to get it right before buying

    Got plumber who set up towel rail pipe at 498C/C. How wide need to be my towel rail? Thanks
  8. D

    electric towel rail too hot

    My towel rail gets too hot to touch. Its electric, no water feed so i assume its water filled. Is there anyway to lower the temperature? I have provided a picture of a screw/valve? Situated on the top of the towel rail. Didnt want to touch it, but is that possibly a way to do it? Any help...
  9. M

    Leaky towel radiator - how do I fix?

    Hi all, I had a bathroom installed a few years ago which included a towel rail/radiator. When you turn the valve to increase/decrease the heat a small amount of water will spill out quickly and then it will drip consistently. In order to stop it dripping there are a few 'sweet spots' on the...
  10. G

    Fixing towel rail to dot and dabbed, tiled wall.

    Evening, I've got a dot and dabbed wall (12.5mm plaster) which has been tiled (200x100 metro's). I need to fix a towel rail (1350x450) to the wall. Worried about weight tbh, how should I go about it? Cheers.
  11. C

    Lockshield valve

    Towel rail plumbed into ch system is also fitted with electric heating element for summer heating. Need to replace element but cannot close valve to isolate radiator from ch system. Lockshield valve spindle has no square on end for key to engage. Just a round spindle! Valve is connected to...
  12. bettz1

    Best way to attach Towel Rail

    Hi all this bloody towel rail :mad::mad: lol. Towel rail keeps coming loose atm its in the plasterboard just with rawl plugs and screws.Its now just been pulled out 1st pic The right hand side came loose last year so i decided to use a spring toggle thinking that would hold it better but its...
  13. Bens_Dad

    Removing electric towel rail

    Hello folks, I need to remove an electric towel rail to replace with one attached to central heating. Looking for some advice on how to leave the electrical connection safe. We will be having the room remodeled in 12-18 months so just want a temporary but safe fix till then. The rail is fed...
  14. B

    Stainless Steel Towel Rail - Recommendation

    Hi, I'm planning to get a much bigger towel rail for our en suite, as its starting to feel cold! First winter in new house. Refit will happen early next year, but I am thinking that adding the new towel rail as part of some other (hopefully imminent) work will be best for the winter. Planning...
  15. M

    Radiator or electric towel rail in ensuite?

    Hi, I'm planning a small ensuite in the loft room (above existing bathroom). Do I need to add a radiator to the system, or is there an electric towel rail that will do the job? Cheers