1. V

    Can you identify this WC flush valve

    I have a toilet with a concealed cistern and there is an issue with one of the flush valves leaking (the bit circled in green in the photo). The flush plate says Geberit but it doesn’t seem like the flush components actually are Geberit (Geberit replacement parts don’t fit). Can you identify...
  2. B

    What is this on my hot water CYLINDER? (Ed.)

    Hello! I've been lagging the pipes on my hot water tank in the loft. I noticed this valve on the tank. There seems to be tiny amounts of water coming out of the red button. Anyone know what this is? Is it normal for water to come out? Thanks for your help!
  3. S

    Leaking valve under sink

    Hi, novice here. Yesterday evening I discovered that a valve underneath my kitchen sink is leaking. To give an idea of the leakage rate, I dried off the valve and the area underneath it last night, and a puddle a couple of inches wide formed over 12 hours or so. I've attached a couple of...
  4. R

    Drayton TRV 4 is broken AGAIN

    I've replaced a new Drayton trv 4 myself on the first week of November with the same issue. Now it's broken AGAIN! I've attached the image here of the broken valve. Can anyone determine what's the cause of this broken valve? Is it the quality or what are the causes??
  5. I_JL96

    Balancing radiators with old valves

    I am currently in the process of balancing my radiators. Most of my radiators are new and have new valves, however two of them are old and have these valves on them. Are these lock shield valves? And if so how can I turn them for balancing? These older radiators are heating up super fast and...
  6. F

    Triton shower no water flowing

    I have replaced an electric shower TRITON ENRICH with same model. Very straightforward job because the old onewas already connected to electrical and water supply. The reason i replaced it is because it stopped working. So I thought to buy a new identical shower unit. Basically the issue is...
  7. R

    Balancing/lockshield question

    We're having a kitchen extension and our plumber has fitted 2 x vertical radiators. They don't have any cold spots but they aren't getting hot. After doing a bit of research on here, I think the system needs balancing (as some of our radiators are incredibly hot!) The issue is, none of our old...
  8. M

    Honeywell 5-wire zone valve wiring (to Nest)

    Hi All I'm trying to replace Honeywell thermostats with Nest. I don't do this professionally (something similar-ish) but have a fair amount of experience. The wiring centre is simple, Neutral, Live and Earth and six wires from three existing thermostats (two each). I think the valves are...
  9. T

    How do I get this radiator thing off (pic included)

    I removed some radiators in my house and would like to sell them. There is still part of the old valve attached though which I would like to remove. On the image you can see part of the valve that spins on the spot when spun. However, that's not the issue. Inside the radiator this piece is...
  10. O

    Replacing a radiator and valves

    I'm thinking about replacing a rather boring radiator with a "designer" one, just for cosmetic reasons. My question is; can I easily replace it with a slightly smaller one? The pipes are coming up through floor tiles (see picture) and I really don't want to dig those up in order to move them...
  11. P

    How to Repressure Boiler (Performa 24) after having bled radiator

    Hi, I just lost all pressure in my boiler after I bled all the radiators in my flat. I have a Potterton Performa 24 boiler, and am in a flat on the 3rd floor in a building with quite a few other flats. I've attached pictures of the valves and pipes I have in the boiler. Please could...
  12. J

    Feeding dishwasher from tap outlet kitchen. Help

    Hi Everyone We had a bit of change on the original plan and haven`t had dedicate tap for the dishwasher. I`m planning to get feeding after the isolation valve under the sink but struggling to find the right vale and connector to make it work. Idea is to keep the isolation valve for the tap in...
  13. P

    Curious about why a plumber would do this?

    Hi all. I am completely dense when it comes to plumbing/DIY. We recently had a leak in the valve that supplies the toilet. Inlet I think? The toilet is upstairs, but whilst fixing it, the plumber ran the taps up there, the shower and the downstairs kitchen tap. I didn't think much of it at the...
  14. R

    Worcester Bosch bolier low pressure

    I have a 7 year old Worcester Bosch boiler (not combi). I have recently bleed radiator which has meant a loss of pressure meaning that the hot water now won't heat up. I looked up various YouTube videos and mine doesn't have the have the same filling mechanism as all of the videos watched. Some...
  15. P

    Re-fixing radiator to wall

    Hi there, I have a radiator that was not properly fixed to the wall and is falling away. It is a cast iron, but not too tall. It has HB Signature Thermostatic TRV valve and lockend. I turned the TRV down to the frost symbol and using a screwdriver, turned off the lockend (assuming that a...
  16. M

    Water pressure apartment building

    Hi, I have recently moved into a new build apartment block (the building was completed in 2018). I live on a fifth floor and the water pressure here is pretty bad. The block has a communal central boiler and all apartments have water pressure valves/gauges on the main cold water pipe marked as...
  17. P

    Removing lockshield extension tail

    Hi, I have a standard radiator (1/2" female bsp) on which I'm installing a new lockshield/TRV kit. The lockshield is similar to this: What happens if I remove the nut and everything on its left in the pic, and screw the valve directly into the radiator (with PTFE)? This would simplify my...
  18. N

    Is this an isolation valve?

    Hi all, Hope you can help - I need to fix a leaky tap but need to isolate the water to the tap first. Directly underneath the sink are a pair of what look like stop valves just below the flexible hoses, one for hot and one for cold. Is this a stop valve? I've not seen this design before - it...
  19. Scorpion101

    Replacement Actuator....Again!

    Ok so this is the third central heating actuator I've had to buy in 18 months. There's obviously something wrong with the valve. Checking it out it looks like the valve isn't turning in the same direction as the actuator or at least the slot the valve fits into is not in the same direction. Am...
  20. U

    Radiator 'clicking' - not sure what to adjust - see photo?

    Hi there, I recently had a new radiator fitted in our bedroom with a thermostatic valve on one side of it. At around 6am when the heating comes on the valve 'clicks' as the radiator warms up. A bit of Googling and it seems the noise is from the spring bouncing in and out and the 'fix' is to...