1. B

    Velux carcassing

    Hello! My 5x2 are slightly too short to go from ridge beam to eaves when framing out my velux - is it possible to join two pieces (which themselves will be bolted to existing rafters) or does that contravene building regs?
  2. M

    Condensation above Velux window frame.

    Hey Everyone, I currently have what looks like a condensation issue between the outer and inner frame of a Velux window. It’s about 6 years old, this year we noticed 2 small brown stains on the ceiling where it’s been landing. I’m unsure if it’s done this before and based on how the waters just...
  3. VictorToute

    Leaking Roof. Water culminating around Velux

    Hi everyone, I noticed water dripping from the corner of my Velux roof window in my loft extension. I've read on this forum that water around Velux windows is common, but the leak might not be due to the window installation itself. However, I found a tear in the Velux flashing. Does anyone...
  4. J

    Velux window size

    Dear all I need to replace current Velux window, but it is a really old one (GGL something) and the window doesn't have the identification plate anymore. Only identification is Velterm 1184 between the glasses. I'm in doubt if new one should be SK06 or UK08. Internal glass width around 115cm...
  5. J

    Velux Electric Blind will not reset

    Hi All, We've recently had a loft conversion completed which included 4 electric (not solar) Velux Integra windows. 2 windows are in one of the bedrooms, the other over the stairs/landing, and the remaining one in the other bedroom. Yesterday I fitted the integra electric roller blinds on the...
  6. M

    Leaking extension roof

    Hi. we have a one story ground floor extension which leaks along two lines. Roofers have told us that the velux is fitted incorrectly and that the tiles (Redland 49) are wrong (we know that some Redland 49s are ok for low pitch and some aren’t -how can we tell? Our builder disagrees but...
  7. A

    Velux on Sarnafil 15 deg Flashing

    We have a 15 degree pitched warm roof with Sarnafil. It has 2 standard GGU MK06 Velux windows. WHAT IS THE CORRECT FLASHING ??? Or Correct flashing method?? My carpenter has built the kerbs ready, to which the Sarnafil fitters have covered right over the top I'm tired of going between Velux...
  8. E

    VELUX Roof Windows

    Hi, I’ve recently moved into a property where VELUX Low Pitch Roof Windows have been installed. I can’t for the life of me get them to open! It’s driving me mad. I’ve tried for a month to get them open but can’t. I’m hoping somebody can help. I’ve attached photos of them and have tried locking...
  9. D

    Velux balcony window VEB won’t shut. Frame too far away.

    Opened lower window on a velux balcony (VEB lower GEL upper). It now won’t shut. It is tight on the bottom sill but the main issue is that the left hand edge of the frame where the locking mechanism bolts lock into are now too far away. It is too far away for bolts to engage. So will just swing...
  10. T

    Energy Saving in an Open Plan world

    We’ve an open plan kitchen/diner/social space, that, as you can see, has a lot of glass. It carries the same thermal delights as a conservatory. Scorchio in summer, freezing in winter. It measures about 8x8m. The area has WarmUp UFH covering it, but I’d have to sell a body part to fund...
  11. C

    Velux fitted just under ridge tiles - is this right?

    Can anyone confirm if this is good practice. Roofer has just replaced glass in roof with velux window but he has fitted it so ridge tiles are immediately above rather than a row of tiles then ridge tiles. We asked him to move it down but he has advised its ok? Should I insist before paying him?
  12. H

    Roofing Standards on current Job

    Hi We’re mid way through our house roof being replaced by roofer I’ve used before but am starting to be a little nervous about some of the standards I’m seeing so far? Firstly they’ve just fitted a small velux and whilst I can see the flashing needs trimming in the valley the tiles on the...
  13. C

    How many is too many roof windows

    Hi, not sure if anyone can help with my query. We are converting a 1960 barn. The room is 10 x 11 meters and will be completely open plan with a vaulted ceiling height of approx 6 meters at the apex. The roof pitch is 22.5 and is oriented east to west. There will be two patio sliders on both...
  14. J

    Adding velux windows to old extension

    I'd like to add a couple of roof windows to the pitched roof above our kitchen to let more light in, as well as a window on the external wall but that is more straightforward. The kitchen is a combination of an old off-shot kitchen (half the width) plus a later (but still old) addition to make...
  15. P

    Stripping White Velux back to pine

    Knocked down a wall between attic room and corridor, and the Velux windows are different (one pine and one white). The white looks really out of place. Has anyone ever stripped a white Velux back to the wood? Is it a terrible idea?
  16. George Caveney

    Velux issues due to low pitch (essentially flat) roof.

    So, we've been having leaks for nearly 18 months on our garden office, which has velux-equivalent windows on a flat roof, when they're meant to be on an angle of 18 degrees (I think?). While we wait for the builders to come up with a meaningful and final solution, I want to flash-tape the...
  17. A

    Rooflight full of water

    We are having a loft extension and are having a flat (Zero deg) fixed rooflight installed on the new dormer - this one...
  18. Louis1104

    Purlin Position

    Im in a chalet bungalow, there’s currently two bedrooms upstairs but on the side of the bedrooms there’s a fairly large loft space which I’m looking to put in an en-suite bathroom. My only issue is I’m currently facing is the purlin and the supports coming off it. Could the rafters be doubled...
  19. D

    Velux leaking after glass replacement

    Last Monday had a cracked Velux-type window (centre-opening) replaced by a local glazier. He removed the old double-glazed unit and replaced with a brand new double-glazed unit, by unscrewing the metal bits holding the glass into the sash. Then screwing the metal bits back onto the sash once he...
  20. jfsoar

    insulating Velux light shafts

    I'm boxing in two Velux light shafts above a monopitch kitchen roof down to the ceiling level and wondered what was the easiest way to effectively insulate the shafts. The rest of the ceiling area just has fibreglass batting laid between the joists. The plasterboard will be fixed to the inside...