vertical radiator

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    Help: How to replace the small chrome towel rail in a cold damp bathroom

    Hi, Thanks in advance for a any advice! I have a very cold bathroom with (I think) no insulation in the roof and a small chrome towel rail. The towel rail gets hot but does nothing to heat the room. I'm thinking of replacing it with either a larger/better towel rail or a vertical radiator but...
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    Is there any problem with changing this radiator to a vertical one?

    So I have an overpowered wonky 1200 x 600 x 100mm radiator under a window and I'd like to replace it with a vertical radiator to the side of the window. I'm in a new build with double glazing and insulated cavity walls as well as floors/ceilings. The old radiator was probably about 6500BTU at...
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    Horizontal covered vs Vertical uncovered

    Morning all I’m looking at replacing an older rad in my lounge. At present, it’s covered by a sofa and which will be difficult to avoid with any large horizontal rad due to the size/layout of the room. Which of these options is going to heat my room better: 1. New 10,800BTU horizontal rad...
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    Vertical 'Designer' Rads - Opinions

    Hitting first fix time in my build project and had my heart set on some swanky vertical anthracite rads but plumber turned up on and wasn't terribly complimentary about their use. Suggested that they expensive (compared to a 'traditional' white box) and don't heat well. Whilst I appreciate...
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    Vertical Radiator Flow

    About 7 years ago I asked for help on flow in my system... I lived with this last radiator giving mostly poor output but now all my other radiators have been renewed with brand new Drayton TRV4 valves...
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    Vertical Radiator - Bleed valve?

    Hello - I'm bleeding my radiators and got to this vertical radiator that doesn't have the traditional bleed valve at the top but these nuts as seen in the picture at either end of the top. Do I loosen these to bleed the radiator? Not seen these before. Any help welcome. thanks