1. S

    T&G cladding a room what order of install?

    Hi all I am finally finishing off the summerhouse and the last bit to do is the internal walls. These are being clad with horizontal T&G. The room is 2.8m x 2.5m with the longest walls being the back wall and front (75% windows and doors) I was intending to start with the back wall but wondered...
  2. M

    Wet Wall in Shower Cubicle

    Hi We moved in to a house with a decent Shower area. Only issue is that its a curved wall and im looking for some type of rubber/plastic sheet i could bond to the wall to stop the shower head wetting wall etc. The green area marked is where i would like to bond the sheet. Image attached best...
  3. T

    Is this Artex?

    Hi! We are buying a house and we believe this is artex but I'm kind of hoping someone can tell me its textured paint or something! Its flaking away in places. We'll have an asbestos check done when we get the keys anyway but I'm getting impatient and doing as much research as I can beforehand!
  4. N

    Best product for plaster repair?

    I’ve removed some wallpaper from the bedroom in our 1930s house and the plaster has come away in a couple of areas. 1. Under the window - exposing the timber of the bay window wall 2. Partition wall with another room - guess this is brick with plaster and the skim coat has come off. Based on...
  5. B

    Repairing random rubble wall after chimney breast removal

    I have recently removed loads of chimney breast from the ground and first floor in my property. On the first floor and in the loft, the breast wasn't tied into the party wall so it was very easy to remove. Downstairs the breast was tied in to the random rubble wall and removing it was a...
  6. A

    How to cover cracks on ceiling

    Hi there, I have started my first renovation and will be living in the property myself, so attention to detail is paramount to me. In the lounge, I am going to be leaving the centre of the ceiling exposed but there are some white areas around the sides and through part of the middle (I'm not...
  7. R

    How to replace a kitchen hood duct

    My 350m3/h cooker hood is 4.5m from the exterior wall, and is currently connected to an exterior vent with 100mm aluminium ducting inside a bulkhead. I'd like to have better extraction, 500m3/h or more, and it seems like I need 150mm duct for higher powered hoods. Unfortuately the floor has been...
  8. J

    Using tile backer foam board for internal walling of single skin block wall.

    I am curios if this is doable or would work. I have a small single skin block shed. Now I am wondering if you can use foam tile backer board like Q Board dot and dabbed to the wall as both the vapor barrier, insulation and paneling without using plasterboard? This panel is meant for wet rooms...
  9. G

    Round Spots On Wall

    Morning all, I recently moved into a new flat and today I noticed some round spots on my bedroom wall, which I believe was recently painted - some of them are slightly raised (see attached picture). Any idea what they are? Please let me know if you need more info. Thank you!
  10. B

    Should the front of my Victorian house have render over the brickwork, and if so what kind?

    I have recently come into ownership of a Victorian terraced house on the south coast, with the front wall quite elevated and facing the sea (though at a distance of 200m or so) so it is subject to a lot of severe weather. The back of the house has exposed brickwork on the first floor and...
  11. George Hartshorn

    Chasing Cables - remove ceiling, or horizontal chasing?

    Hello, I have a basement flat which currently has surface mounted sockets. I want to chase all of these in whilst I am refurbing it, and when my electrician came round he mentioned that I would need to remove the ceiling to put all of the cables in, and then chase down the walls to where I...
  12. L

    Very concerned external and internal cracks

    Hi I hope someone can help me please, I am concerned about my mums house as there appears to be some stepped cracking outside coming through the render. I now this has been there a while as it was filled in five years ago when the outside was painted but as you can see it has appeared again...
  13. Y

    Fix bathroom wall

    Hello, My bathroom walls are not straight as you can see from this video: Can you help me understand what's required to fix the walls and how much it would cost? For completeness, on the other side of the wall there is a small radiator and two light switches. Thanks, Y
  14. C

    Cracks in walls queries

    Hi all, I’ve recently bought a property, built in 1985, and whilst I had a building survey carried out prior to buying it, there was an element regarding the roof missed and so I wanted to gain some thoughts on areas of light concern regarding cracks in the wall. I live in a block that is...
  15. sven2

    Enclosing exterior steps to the basement.

    Hi Folks, I as ever need a little guidance to enclosing the exterior steps to my basement. There was a rickety roof with fencing panels for the sides, the roof has rotted and in a race I pulled it all down before it fell down, well it could have been a dead heat. I do not know where to start and...
  16. J

    Plasterboard to cover artex walls?

    Hi, So I've recently moved into my new property and one bedroom has horrible textured walls. I know the easy answer is a skim coat, but I cant afford a plasterer and am uneasy on trying it myself for the first time. The walls are of solid construction in my 1920's midterrace house. Would...
  17. L

    Straight walls - building regs

    Moved into a new build Issues with a few walls not being straight affecting the appearance of the fitted units and doors hanging from the those units. Is this something we can get into the developer about?
  18. D

    skim or dryline + skim etc prices?

    Can anyone help me with this? The online calculators are pretty basic and don't really do the job. Am in a reasonably prosperous town in Wales. Have had prices of 1.5k and 2k? Any help would be appreciated. 5x4x2.3m room. How much is reasonable to pay for: A) 2 coat skim on pre boarded TE...
  19. D

    Garage metal bars - support?

    I am painting the walls in my garage and there are metal bars fixed to the walls in various places with circular holes in. Are these supporting the walls or can they be removed? See pic below. Thanks
  20. DrWho

    Hanging pics etc on plasterboard walls

    Are there any recommendations for the type of fittings used for hanging pics or more heavier objects such as clocks on plasterboard walls?