1. N

    Rising or penetrating damp? Help! Wet even though no rain

    Hi everyone, We noticed a patch of damp last year and didn’t get round to doing anything. Eventually got someone to clean roof gutters. We thought would have solved issue but yesterday the vertical patch looked darker and felt wet despite having no rain for a week or 2 now (unless I’ve only...
  2. R

    Wet Rafters

    Hi all, I'm looking for some opinions on the cause of some wet rafters in the attic. The rafters to the rear (north facing) elevation are all wet on top and down the sides. The rafters on the front (south facing) elevation look to be okay. I'm trying to work out if the likely cause is a roof...
  3. Rageyboy91

    Stepped DPC making tidy.

    Evening, I have this hole in the render outside in the wall and I want to fill it in, it's a solid brick wall and the dpc is stepped, the porch dpc is highier than the original wall. I filled the hole in originally with lime nhl 3.5 and finished in lime wash, hoping it would breath and...
  4. P

    Preparation of concrete subfloor for wet UFH

    Hi All, I am doing a kitchen extension. 3m X 6m, and like to install wet ufh. need help to decide the best way to prepare my concrete subfloor for wet ufh. option 1: mot + sand blinding + dpm + kingspan + dpm+ concrete + ufh boards (18mm) + ufh pipes + screed + tiles option 2: mot + sand...
  5. RichieSixty

    Wet Bricks?

    Hi all, Recently moved house and spotted these wet bricks. They are below the damp course and it's only those bricks that get wet. They do dry out during the day but sometimes they are wet in the morning even if it's not been raining. Perhaps some condensation? Wet Bricks by RichieSixty...
  6. Polaralias

    Damp, with a sprinkling of mould

    Hello DIYnotters! Got a few questions regarding damp but some useful info beforehand: Property is end terraced, built around 1990, in Swansea, no subsidence/coal mining nearby and lastly - the house has ventilation grills that cover holes drilled through to the exterior of the building in...
  7. Hutcheg

    Water ingress during build (ed.)

    Hi all, I'm currently in the middle of building an office in my garden. It's been pretty slow progress due to having 2 small kids, and having a tough time with my mental health. Due to Covid, the roofing sheets I ordered at the end of October still haven't arrived. I've constructed the roof...
  8. LisaYP

    Screed over safety floor in wet room

    Hi, I have a wet room, (made when i had a grant because of spinal problems) and in it the floor is safety flooring, like the kind Alto do but its grooved like an embossed pattern in it. Its not smooth which is my problem. I dont have the spinal problems anymore and want to put a shower tray and...
  9. M

    UFH for 30 sq.m room, queries, makes, manifold etc.

    Hello all I'm planning on having an UFH system put in, around 30 sq. m, in size. Pipes will be screeded in around 75mm thick, above a 100mm of insulation. From looking around at various websites, it's thrown up more questions than just picking a kit. I see various brands selling 'single...
  10. J

    Wet bedding layer

    We got a delivery of sharp sand to use as the bedding layer under some block paving. Because of the location we couldnt leave it sat where it was delivered so we were just aiming to get the project done before this rain came back too hard. We got one section laid but then the rain came on too...
  11. K

    Wet Wall

    As you may see from the attached imaged we have come across in our sitting room a wet wall, which is located behind our sofa. I have also attached an image showing the outside area of our home, which maybe the problem to our wall being wet? Please can someone help and let me know your thoughts?
  12. D

    Wet above skirting board after all the heavy rain

    Does anyone have any ideas? It's an external cavity wall in the kitchen Wall has been dry up until the recent heavy rain. It is a 1980's extension on back of Victorian house and has previously been damp proofed. To narrow down what the cause could be can anyone help confirm the following ...
  13. T

    Chipboard floorboards and damp

    I live in a 3 story house built in 1996. We have a large open plan kitchen on the middle floor which includes a peninsula. The joists are strong and numerous and covered with chipboard fllorboards (I should have replaced them at time of the refurb 5 years ago, but didn't). On top of the...
  14. M

    Wet patch around upvc door frame, help needed

    Hi all, I recently stripped some really old wallpaper from my kitchen and it is currently nearly all bare plaster Last night during the bad weather I noticed wet patches on the plaster around the door I have attached some photos to show. has anyone got any advice on how to fix as i dont want...