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    Decommissioning old wired thermostat

    Hiya. Hoping someone might be able to help! Over the weekend I’ve managed to successfully install the hive system which is working great. However, as a temporary fix I’ve left the old wired thermostat in place and turned it up to maximum temp. Hoping to get rid of our old wired stat and put up...
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    Replacement Vaillant Controllers

    Wow, how time flies! It's been just over a year since I completed our bathroom refurbishment, which involved adding an additional UFH zone and having to upgrade our Vaillant wiring centre and heating controls. At the time I posted the following to get a view on the VRC 700 controller: Pros &...
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    Do I need an electrician?

    Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong thread or area to put this. Do I need an electrician to install lights for a low ceiling? I haven't decided 100% what I am getting but something similar to the types of lighting below. Would I be able to just follow a youtube video with the wiring or is it best...
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    Hive installation - issue with old room stat wiring

    Afternoon, I recently decided to install Hive active heating (thermostat + receiver + hub) as the old thermostat was making a buzzing noise. I managed to set it up and HW works fine, but the old room stat (which itself is disconnected now) or rather it's existing wiring which is still connected...
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    Underfloor heating controls - a conundrum

    Almost a year ago I was trying to resolve a few issues with our underfloor - see orignal thread in plumbing here: https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/underfloor-heating-a-couple-of-issues.493454/ The meachancal side is fairly under control (!) now nut the control side - electrically, is still...