wood filler

  1. bettz1

    Fence rail rotten repairable?

    Hi noticed when fixing trellis to our fence that one part the top rail has started to rot. Anyone know if its repairable ive some 2 part rinseal wood filler spare or would it be best to cut another piece? Trouble with that is I'd have to ask the neighbour as it would need nailing in there side.
  2. H

    Handrail fix

    I’m fixing the stair handrail to the wall and wanted advise on the best way to do it. The builder initially used caulk to seal it to the wall, but movement cracked that. I have removed the caulk, painted the bare plaster behind, and now my thoughts were to fill the gap rather than push it to the...
  3. V

    Water coming in through window seals in summerhouse

    Rain is forecast for the next few days and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to try and stop it in the short term. I thought about spray sealant but that needs to be dry Because it is very windy also I cannot really lay anything against the silicone that is leaking. Are there any...
  4. finlamit

    Smooth paint stripped door frame

    Hi all. Need your advice. I've bought a house where the previous owner must have had shares in a gloss paint manufacturer as there's about 2 inches of the stuff on every surface, mainly internal door frames. I've tried using a heat gun then paint stripper, but there is still patches of paint...
  5. Aspers32

    Pine floorboard filler

    We are having our victorian pine floorboards restored and the contractor has used a pale ('natural' shade) ready bought wood filler to fill gaps between boards and damage from nail holes etc. The result (after base coat of varnish) currently looks terrible- huge variations in colour- and looks...
  6. bettz1

    Repairing garden gate?

    My partners parents were going to chop up and burn a damaged garden gate they were going to install before being given a replacement. Am I right in thinking a bit of exterior wood filler, sand down and paint would fix it? Would the wood filler be ok in all weather's etc? I've got some Toupret...
  7. C

    Yikes this wood floor is worse than anticipated!!

    Recently moved into a flat and the owner had warned me that the wood floor wasn't too great so he put carpet over it. I've since removed the carpet as my spouse is adamant on having me restore the wood but I don't know how to make this look good. I've tried using a belt sander and it makes it...
  8. D

    Ronseal 2-part high performance wood filler only lasted one month

    A month ago, my door and window frames needed repainting. Three parts of the frames had started to rot (2 bad-ish, 1 not so bad spot). In these places, I dug out the rot and some surrounding wood, used a lot of Ronseal wet rot wood hardener, gave it ages to dry, gave it a rub down with a metal...
  9. M

    Filler for small gaps in outdoor wood furniture

    I have a couple of cheap wooden outdoor chairs that I'm going to repaint with outdoor paint in the hopes of making them last a bit longer. One chair has a bit of a gap where the wood is split slightly (looks like some bark was left on the original timber) but it's not to the stage of coming...
  10. P

    Wood hardener, wood filler and undercoat?

    Hello, My back door was installed only last year but I have noticed that a few cracks have started to appear. I sanded the door down and was told to apply wood hardener all over the door, which I did. I am planning to fill the cracks with a wood filler. Am I right in thinking that my next steps...
  11. Jamhan

    Large area of wooden doorframe to repair around lock

    Hi DIY-ers, I want to repair the wooden frame around a badly installed lock. I am happy for the lock to remain, but am not sure how best to fill the badly carved out gaps in the doorframe around it. See pictures to understand. The largest part is 3cm wide X 2cm deep. I've thought of cutting...
  12. M

    How To Fill Nail Holes on ‘Scandi’ White Oiled Floor

    We are renovating our guest room. I completed sanding the floors last night and I’m ready to treat the wood. I’m planning on using a Woca Lye to remove the colour and then a extra white oil to give a pale finish with some grain still showing through. I tapped the nails below the surface...
  13. A

    Wood filler around window frame not setting

    I have a wooden window frame, I think it is an old softwood type casement window where the glass is putty pointed from the outside into the frame. Due to condensation over the years the bottom part of the frame from the inside is slightly rotting away because the condensation trickles down the...
  14. B

    Alternative to Silicon Wood Filler for Door Frame

    We're very nearly at the end of a very tiresome refurb of our downstairs area. As you can see from the photos, our builder has used Silicon wood filler where the floor meets the door-frame and his reasoning is that any hard (setting type) wood filler would crack as you go through a year with the...
  15. GoodOne

    Wood filler on stairs to be stain

    Hi All, I would appreciate if anyone could advise me on what sort of filler would be the best to fill up those gaps between the stairs? Btw, I plan to strip off the paint and stain it. .
  16. G

    Staining Osmo wood filler

    Hello, I've sanded my landing floorboards and have found some damage I'd like to fill. I'm using Osmo stain and polyx oil, which are good products, so I got their natural wood filler after talking to Osmo. Having tested a bit of off cut floorboard it looks awful after staining, quite obvious...
  17. R

    Restoring a staircase - help please!

    Hi all Hope you can help! I'm (trying to) restore my stair case. The plan is to stain the treads, newel posts and rail dark, and paint the risers white. Have got as far as remving the carpet, hundreds of nails/staples, stripping the paint from the treads/risers etc, and have now started...