1. D


    Hi guys, I looked at a house today, it has a great layout and great potential for a really nice home for myself. However, there are some exposed woodwork that doesn’t look good to me. What are your opinions please?
  2. J

    Woodworm in garage beams

    Hi, I've a garage that's in a block separate to the house. It's a flat roof and I've noticed woodworm in one of the beams. Upon looking, it appears to be in at least one other beam (2 affected, 2 not affected) and has likely been there a while (some of the beams look reinforced with other bits...
  3. R

    Possible woodworm/rot/mould?

    Hello, I was looking in the loft of a 1900s house we've recently moved to, and noticed some tracks in the rafters that look like some kind of wood boring insect (images attached) - is that correct and is it possible to tell if old or recent? There's insulation below the beams so difficult to...
  4. S

    Suspended floor joists and damp

    Hi there. I am working on a 1930’s Edwardian terrace house. Dining room floor was in bad condition, the rear 75% of the floor was heavily damaged by woodworm – I could literally tear the boards up with my bare hands and they disintegrated – and the last 25% of the floor nearest the rear...
  5. Aspers32

    Is this woodworm? Floorboard issues

    We are having our pine floorboards restored and to replace our original damaged ones the contractor (reputable and well-reviewed) has supplied some he 'had from a previous job'. He installed them without showing me them or telling me anything about their condition. Some are in OK nick, some less...
  6. J

    Has this wood been treated for woodworm or rot with some chemicals?

    Alot of the wood in our barn has signs of woodworm and has previous been painted with something. Does anyone have an idea what it may be? There are also some pine battens that have something green on them...any ideas?
  7. S

    advice on replacing roof rafters following historical woodworm

    Hi I purchased a 1600's house a few months back which has historical woodworm (obviously) but following 2 independent assessments, no sign of new infestation. However - having had a *really* good look around the loft, probably 10% of the rafters have been well chewed through and I suspect need...
  8. A

    Joist replacement (woodworm)

    I've discovered a pretty severe woodworm problem when I went to fit a new carpet in the bedroom upstairs. It appears two of the joists have born the brunt of it and I think they need replacing. I'm going to attempt it myself as well because I'm struggling to get hold of a joiner due to them...
  9. L

    Subfloor ventilation

    Hi there, looking for a bit of advice. we had a damp and timber specialist come to look at our subfloor the other day as there’s signs of woodworm and a smell of damp. upon inspection (he was round 10 mins and charged £160!) he’s quoted £825 for treatment in the hallway, dining room and...
  10. L

    Flooring woodworm

    We recently purchased a three bed semi. The floorboards in the hallway are in terrible condition - the previous owners lifted the carpet 20 odd years ago and haven’t looked after them properly. the survey said the hallway has suffered historic woodworm (see pics). Do you think any can be...
  11. E

    New shed, old wood with woodworm.

    I've taken down my old sheds and had a spanking new one installed. I'm going to put shelves in it and I was going to use the timber from the old shed as batons. I've just run it through the planer thicknesses and discovered woodworm - I have no idea if it's active but the timber is probably...
  12. A

    Can woodworm treatment rust nails in furniture?

    I’ve got a 1930s wood fire surround containing a dozen or so nails which fix multiple sections together. I have just stripped back in preparation for a new finish. I’ve discovered another piece of furniture in the same room had woodworm, so I’d like to treat the fire surround with sika sikagard...
  13. P

    Woodworm - treat or replace floorboards?

    I am renovating a cottage and pulled out the old upstairs carpets to reveal the old floor boards. Most seem in good shape but I'm no expert. I have taken some pics here. Can anyone please advise the following: 1. if this is a woodworm issue 2. what is the best way to treat 3. should I just...
  14. W

    Managing/recovering from woodworm - a guide!

    Hey all, I just thought I would write a post after my recent journey against a fairly severe woodworm infestation.. I’m not all on the mend, have almost completed my renovation and things are on the up after discovering the little f**kers eating away my house. Firstly, if you go...