1. S

    Worcester 532/i always 'on'

    Hi, I've recently moved into a new home, which has a combi boiler (my first one) and it's a Worcester 532/i. Everything is working correctly, in that I can make the heating come on if I need it, and there's hot water in the taps. The problem is, it's always making a noise even when the heating...
  2. N

    Shower runs hot then cold then hot......

    I have an old Worcester Bosch Greenstart HE plus combi boiler. 3 months ago the shower, which has been working perfectly for last 5 years, would start off at correct temperature and then after about 2 minutes would run cold. Just as it was running cold I heard the boiler fire up and after...
  3. R


    Hi all, I am looking to get a Hive thermostat installed but wasn't sure if it was compatible with our oil boiler as I recently found out the Google nest wasn't. Any help and advice would be massively appreciated!
  4. K

    worcester Greenstar I28 junior hot water controls missing

    we have the green star i28 junior combi boiler, when we use tap water or shower the water temp is very hot but flow ok but after some time its gets cold and then hot water start again, it is almost like it runs for a min and then takes 15 second break. I want to do two things, 1) decrease the...
  5. O

    Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 30Si two short bursts of noise when call hot water or heating

    Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 30Si (G.C. No. 47 311 85 N.G.) Had a new Flow Unit fitted as previous had developed a pin hole leak. Also topped up system inhibitor. Then this noise has appeared. I'm going to checking if anything that is easily accessible is loose, but apart from that I could use...
  6. N

    Greenstar system boiler with Easy Control on s-plan modulation capability

    My old system boiler (16yo) is setup in S-Plan configuration. I want to get a new Worcester system and Easy Control (finer control with modulation/condensing.) I understand DHW has to be heated to over 65deg but I would like my heating flow temperature to be much lower particularly in the...
  7. C

    Heatslave 12/18 (2018)

    My oil combi Heatslave keeps locking out. Code 9f I have oil and filters are new. Any ideas anyone ? It’s firing but won’t stay on for more than 10 mins a time.
  8. B

    Worcester 32cdi and hive

    Had a greenstar 32cdi compact fitted years ago, after my old tank system failed. I had hive heating and hot water installed for the old system, as it would heat the water. When I had my Worcester installed, I kept the hive heating, the fitter said it would just work with the thermostat and...
  9. M

    Worcester Greenstar 15ri Pressure

    Hi all I've read FAQ no 16 and sadly the photos won't load for me, BUT I don't think my boiler uses a key anyway. Boiler is about one-billionty years old, with lots of add-on upgrades and repairs to the heating system before we moved in, so my challenge in locating an external filling loop is...
  10. H

    Boiler short cycling for no reason- temp doesn't get any higher then 50deg

    Hi I have a Worcester Greenstar 32 with a Megaflow unvented cyclinder and its been running great for he last 4 years. This week we noticed the radiators are not as warm as usual, for some reason the boiler heats up but doesn't get much above 50 deg before cycling on and off every few minutes...
  11. J

    DT10RF Battery

    The system is 10 years old. I have changed the Digistat battery after the icon started flashing but it still flashes. It's a new battery from a recently bought pack. I have already changed it twice but it is still flashing. Any advice please? Thanks
  12. G

    Worcester 30i Combi - Initial Settings

    Hi All, Looking for some help and advice on my Worcester 30i which was recently installed. I have been fitting the Tado system and putting TRV's on the rads (all but one), but that's all for another time. On the Worcester 30i there is what I presume initial settings for the RADS and WATER...
  13. A

    Worcester combi 30cdi greenstar hot water no heating

    Hi, the boiler will supply hot water but no heating,have reset boiler.system pressure ok, have checked room stat is operational. will run heating in chimney sweep mode. but nothing after that.
  14. P

    Installing Hive receiver to boiler

    Hi, I'd like to install a Hive single channel receiver to control the central heating from my Worcester Greenstar HE boiler. The current Honeywell thermostat only has two core wire to it acting as a live switch and is battery powered. My thinking is remove this cable from the boiler and using 5...
  15. B

    Worcester gas combi boiler making vibrating noise - video inside

    Hi all Can anyone tell me what’s going on with our boiler? Approx, 8 years old, gets serviced each year, was last serviced in June 2021 with no faults. We have noticed a vibrating noise coming from the boiler where when you open the a tap for hot water (can be any tap in the house) everything...
  16. Bambochea27

    Worcester Greenstar 25i ERP combi help needed

    Hello guys, My name is Marian and I got an Worcester greenstar 25i erp combi boiler. I need your help to install a Nest 3rd generation also can you help me to find right washers for connectors between wall support and boiler itself? (CW, HW, Gas...etc) Thank you so much for your help. Marian
  17. R

    Worcester Bosch bolier low pressure

    I have a 7 year old Worcester Bosch boiler (not combi). I have recently bleed radiator which has meant a loss of pressure meaning that the hot water now won't heat up. I looked up various YouTube videos and mine doesn't have the have the same filling mechanism as all of the videos watched. Some...
  18. S

    Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Boiler - constantly on during eco

    Hi there, I've just moved into a new house and have a Worcester Greenstar 30CDI boiler. The boiler is constantly humming away and giving off heat so must be heating something. I presumed this was the pre-heat function since when we moved in, the eco button wasn't lit up green and the temp...
  19. T

    Changing from Nest to Hive

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to change from Nest to Hive. I've read a few posts already (this one in particular was helpful) and I'm fairly confident I've got it right in my head, but a few things I want to check if you could help. Bit of background - we moved into a house with a system boiler...
  20. Boo Carter

    Hive - Boiler only fires for water

    I recently installed a hive dual thermostat to work alongside my Worcester Greenstar 34Cdi classic. The water side of things works perfectly. Boiler fires up, hey presto. The heating however does not fire the boiler. The heating only works if the water is on as well. Anyone got any ideas. Please...