17th Edition



Could anyone tell me if a RCD main switch is acceptable for 17th edition or does it have to be a twin split?

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What type of RCD?

What type of supply?

What granularity of downstream RCD protection is there?
well a 30ma rcd

on a tn-cs system

basically there is only 3 circuits in the house 2x sockets 1 x lights so i cant really see much point in putting a 10 way twin rcd board on for the sake of 3 circuits unless i have too, and cant remember if i can or not
Is this a wind-up? This has be argued about enough in posts on here.
I would read some of the existing posts rather than start it all off again.
I would say a 100ma delayed type RCD has been used as main switch for years and I see no reason why this should change but as the tripping current is reduced to 30ma one has to carefully read the 17th Edition to decide if it is still OK. With a caravan there is no other alternative and for a very small bed sit it may be seen as OK. But as the power usage goes up one must consider splitting into circuits both for main current usage and earth leakage current. But if a house has battery backed lights etc. This will also change the risk and there is to my mind no one size fits all and really unless you use RCBO's on all circuits I personally think one should complete a risk assessment to show why you think it is safe so in the future if a battery backed light is removed you can produce documented proof that when you installed it everything was safe.
Read 314.1 and 522.6.5 to 522.6.8 and do remember farm building need single point isolation and caravans need duel pole switching on the RCD so do check what applies to where you are fitting the RCD. You give no details as to what you are working on and to assume it is a standard house would be wrong.
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tell you what its people like you that ruin these sites, its about time you got off this website and got to work!

thats what its for to ask questions not get pathetic remarks about getting the 17th edition and a regs book!!!!!!!
thats what its for to ask questions not get pathetic remarks about getting the 17th edition and a regs book!!!!!!!
I just expressed surprise that as a "professional" electrician you haven't bothered to bring your qualifications and reference material up to date.

And until they rename this site incompetentprofessionalelectricianswithinsufficientknowledge.com I'll carry on.
Don't start a slagging match with BAS , you won't win and neither will peoples opinion of the post replies entered alter the fact that if you are an electrician you should have the regs and 17th by now.

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