Schneider Electric 17th edition quiz

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Oh dear. That wasn't pretty :cry:

Mind you, unless you know the 17th inside out (or have a copy in front of you at the time) it's a pretty tough test...


WITHOUT the book (it was in the van & I couldn't be bothered to go and get it), I thought I'd have a go just to see what I'd get.

32/33. One question tripped me up & it was worded so badly, it didn't even make sense. See below...

Just like the one question that tripped me up in the C&G 17th update exam... :cry:

That question was:

In metallic construction with regards to the depth of cable, what are RCD's required for?

a. Lighting only.

b. Sockets only.

c. RCD required for everything irrespective of depth.

d. RCD's are not required.

That to me is confusing. Anyone else agree?
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24 without the book. Makes it hard to get the regs questions right where you have to quote the exact reg number.

I agree SS - that question could have been written by C&G!
I said D as well. I'm still not sure I really understand what they were geting at with that question. I managed 23 without the book though...
I said D too. I thought what it was getting at was that if you have earthed metallic covering, you don't need RCD's.

jock- OOI, how did you interpret the question?

Perhaps as well I'm off on the three day course next week :LOL:

(That was without the book)

Simon, got that question in the online test. I got it wrong, but having sat and studied it, and seen the correct answer, and bearing in mind the changes from the 16th edition, I think this is how it should have been written:

In a studwork wall of metallic construction, with regards to the depth of cable, what are RCD's required for?

So, does poor grammar by Schneider mean that I have got full marks? ;)

I made an official complaint to C & G about the awkward wording of some of the questions I got on my 17th update exam.

Had a verbal reply telling me they are all vetted to "make sure they are easy to understand".

Will write and see what their written response is.
The "correct" answer is still wrong though AFAIK.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but an RCD is not required for wiring in a metallic stud wall if the cable is SWA for example.

There were a couple of questions on that test which depending on the installation circumstances, all four answers could be wrong. :rolleyes:
Yeah, know what you mean.

In my C&G exam, I'm sure one of the questions had a double negative. :confused:

e) An RCD is not required if earthed metallic conduit is used, as per regulation 522.6.6(ii)

c) It depends wether the lighting circuit supplies a light in a location containing a bath or shower.

Got to be answer d)
At least they have a sense of humour :)

Well I've cancelled my course next week, because I now know it all :LOL:

Does anyone know if you allowed to take your regs into the exam?

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