2006 Fiesta, driveshaft or differential noise

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Update on the Fiesta (Peter and Dave, get a room and watch Citroen porn together).

I was wrong.
I'll write it again, because I rarely am...I....WAS...WRONG.

I took off the support bearing brackets and spun the suppot bearing, it was fine.
Then I played close attention to the offside front wheel bearing. It had very little play, but rumbled like hell when under drive conditions (so much for the hose as a targetting tool).
Upon dismantling to change the wheel bearing I also noticed that the bolts clamping the hub assembly to the front strut were loose, very loose (a testament to the numpty who had changed the front roadsprings several months ago). I mentioned this to daughter, who said "Oh, now that I think of it, there was sometimes a clunk when setting off".
It follows that the bearing failure contributors were 1. Too much pre-load on the bearings, and 2. Shock loadings every time the drive changed direction.
Bouncing up and down kerbs were discounted as daughter "never does that". Of course she doesn't.

Incidentally, it may be useful to others to learn that one of the rear steel outboard brake pipes split under MoT brake testing. A warning to all to check them for corrosion now rather than 3/4 of the way down that steep hill...!

Thanks to all contributors, even those that I doubted early on.
We appreciate the update!
I'm also certain each and every one of us has changed a component when it wasn't strictly necessary :mrgreen:
I put a new wheel bearing into an 02 plate X5 not long ago and was horrified the noise was still there.....it was the bloody tyre all the time (Maxxis - noisiest tyre in the world.)
Not too happy to hear the strut bolt was loose - is that the socket type pinch bolt? They are prone to snapping and I'd recommend a new one every time.
John :)
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