Driveshaft rumble???

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corkymills said:
However, if I stop and hold the hub on the side that appears to rumble/knock the noise stops. If I stop and hold the other hub then the noise from the other side gets louder.
noseall said:
clutch thrust bearing? :confused:

corkymills said:
No difference when turning/braking or freewheeling.
Hitachimad said:
A worn CV joint often becomes much more noticable when turning corners (at speed).
Ron Gamma said:
it is difficult to diagnose a worn inner CV joint as the sound can sometimes also be produced by the gearbox main bearings.

so the clonk has now gone but the rumbling persists.

get an independant mechanic to verify the gearbox mains before spending on this as it won't be cheap compared to the work you have just done.
Hi Ron, getting it to a garage early part next week. Will post autopsy as soon as possible. Thanks for all your help guys much appreciated. ;)
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Hi all, ;) took it to the garage today. According to the mechanic the wheel bearing had not gone in "true" and had therefore got damaged thus causing the noise :oops: . Went and got another one and for £30.00p and 20mins work all sorted :D . These things happen. Its my sons car anyway so it didnt cost me anything ;) . Thanks again all for your help.. :D and yeah I know what your thinking (what a pratt)...cheers guys..
JohnD said:
Wheel bearings too tight can cause this. I once made that mistake and had a bearing overheat and break while driving :oops: It was an Audi which had tapered roller bearings and you have to be precise. I wasn't :cry:

pats self on back too! :LOL:
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