2015 Picanto not starting

17 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
1.0 G3LA engine, less than 50k miles

I had bother getting it started a few months back. It took a lot of effort for it to fire. I've received word from my niece that it wouldn't start last night or this morning.

Considering the recent bother of the chain on the 2009 1.4 i20 petrol we had, my suspicion has gone straight to the chain on the Picanto.

Are there any common issues of non-starting on the 2015 Picantos that I could look at?

I'll look at the car this weekend and plug my code reader in.
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I think you need to listen for the usual whirr of the fuel pump before delving in too far. Check out the various relays etc that appear within the fuse box area, look for verdigris on the terminals.
Check the ignition switch for function - stalling the engine immediately after starting, accessories working and so on.
It’s anyone’s guess of course of what the fault could be but the usual crank and cam position sensors need to be ruled out if there aren’t any other clues.
The car's been in and had full diagnostics done. No faults found. We'll wait for it to become more evident then there's a better chance of finding the culprit.
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