3 core and earth to switch socket



Hi guys looking for some help.

I've installed a single switch socket in the attic by taking the 3 core and earth cable from an obselete fire alarm. The wiring was already in the attic so it was a case of snipping the wire and connecting the wiring from which I'm assuming is from a light circuit upstairs and connecting this to a single switch socket. The socket works fine no disasters however I havent used the GREY wire and just the black to neutral, brown to live and earth to earth. My question is, is this safe (would it cause a fire or anything?) I know the socket works but want to be on the safe side!
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Well, first off, your smokes will be protected by a 6amp mcb, so if you plug in anything bigger than a tv (I mean, no kettles, no heaters) you will blow the fuse/trip the mcb.

It is also likely wired in 1mm, which is obviously fine for a lighting circuit, but if you start pulling too much load, you risk overloading the cable

And finally, smokes are usually wired brown - live, grey - neutral, black - interconnect.

Are you 100% the black is neutral? If this is correct, then you will definitely need to put the black/grey whatever in a connector block as when the smokes go off, this cable will become live.

I would recommend ripping this back out again, and doing it properly, but assuming you know the limitations it will work. Not saying it's safe, or to regs though.
It's an old fire alarm and I had new ones installed elsewhere!!
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My question is, is this safe (would it cause a fire or anything?) I know the socket works but want to be on the safe side!
As you don't know which circuit it is connected to, or the rating of the protective device, or if it's supplied via an RCD, or if the wiring to the socket is correct, then there is no way to know.

The most likely answer is that no, it is neither safe or compliant.
60 watt light. Prob gonna get an electrician to be on the safe side :)
So why not just put a light on it if you only want it for a light? Assuming you find where it's supplied from, it would probably then be safe and compliant
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll call an electrician. Last thing I need is a fire

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