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25 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
I recently moved into a new house which has a converted loft. I am planning to replace the pendant with 3 downlights.
It is currently wired as follows.
From junction box to single socket 3 core.
From back of socket to pendant 3 core.
From back of socket to light switch 4 core, Blue,Red,Yellow & Earth.
At the light switch only the Red & Yellow are connected.
At the socket I have 2 blacks,2 Reds,3 Earth with the Blue not connected to anything, and the Red from the pendant connected to the Yellow from the switch via connector block.

Is this normal or is there a better way to wire up my downlights. Currently the switch on the socket must be on in order for the light switch to work.

Any advice would be great
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Can you post some pictures.It sounds like a right balls up as lighting circuits should not be fed directly from socket circuits without correct fusing down.
I'll try to get some pics on. I've just established that the socket is actually on the lighting circuit as opposed to the lights being on the socket circuit.
Do you think the socket is being used as a junction box.
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We are probably waiting for the pictures you said you'd post, so we can get a better idea of what the problem is. :rolleyes:
Is there no pattress with that socket.This job looks like a right bodge.
I suggest you seek a competant professional
I've just projected that image onto the side of Barrow in Furness bus depot!!!! :LOL: :LOL:

Touch on the large side, not to clear either.

However, to put it bluntly that looks sh1te!!!!

Over crowded and it looks plain wrong!! There is a connector block in there, is the T&E 1.5mm? if so it should not be feeding a Socket.

At the very least I would expect to see 2.5T&E feeding the socket, probably from an FCU as it is unlikely to be part of the a ring or radial and most likely a spur. The lights I would have attached to the upstairs lighting chain!

What does everyone else think???? BAS, RF, secure??
Should I replace the socket with a junction box, attach it to a joist and wire the the lights and switch from there.
Turn off your upstairs lighting circuit.

Does the socket now work?

If the answer is no, you need to loose the socket and fit a blank plate and patress box.
When I switch off the lighting circuit the socket does not work. If I get a blank plate should I just leave the wiring as is or is there a better way considering I am going to be putting in downlights and moving the location of the switch.
Should I replace the socket with a junction box, attach it to a joist and wire the the lights and switch from there.
No - get rid of it entirely, and all the wiring associated with it. Take the circuit back to a basic lighting one with none of the cables for that socket, light or switch, at least as far back as the first junction box, i.e. as in

It is currently wired as follows.
From junction box to single socket 3 core.

and start again, possibly replacing that JB with a 4-terminal one used in the conventional manner, or simply taking T/E from there to the switch and from the switch to the light, depending on the layout.

Do you know when the loft conversion was done, and whether it got Building Regs approval?
The loft conversion was done in 1993. It didnt get building approval but a certificate was issued to say that the electrics were in working order.

If I do start from scratch could I wire it as follows.
T/E from JB to switch
T/E from JB to light

Then to add another switch 3 core/E switch to switch

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