440CDi combi control

12 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
We are upgrading a heating system from a single circuit to a "two zoned" circuit and instead of chasing out plaster to hardwire thermostats I was thinking of using the Honeywell CM927 wireless programmable thermostats controlling each of the circuit zone valves
A "gas safe" plumber is installing a Worcester 440CDi combi boiler but is unsure of the control side of the project.
The question I have is; using the wireless thermostats mentioned above how do I wire in the honeywell receivers to the zone valves and the boiler? Is there any problems to be overcome with this mix of equipment?
I have e-mailed Honeywell and Worcester but neither are helpful discussing their equipment in relation to other third party equipment
Thanks for any help
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I know its rough (havent got round to getting visio yet) but you plumber should be able to figure out how its wired using the diagram, you will need to supply earth to all that needs it and live , neutral and earth to the boiler
Thanks Picasso its straight forward looking at the drg.
The power supply to the controls are through LS with LR the switched live thus no other supply is needed apart from the supply to the boiler if i read your drg. correct.
Do you have any experience of the Honeywell wireless stats / receiver?
Will the DHW control be done at the boiler through it's own control?
thanks again
Hi cully yes you only need live neutral and earth to the boiler, as you have sussed LS is live send, LR is live return (aka switched live) and NS is neutral send, the hot water programmer is unaffected as far as I know and what did you want to know about honeywell? (if I dont know somebody will).
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I have always used Honeywell hardwired controls in the past and found them reliable and long lasting but using the wireless components makes it easier than chasing out plaster and running cables through rooms, providing there are no issues with "control and reliability"
They are not cheap to buy.
What are your observations,
Always found the honeywell RF stuff to be reliable, they had a problem with their hardwired programmers a while back but that seems to be resolved.

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