92 Isuzu Trooper engine problem

23 Jul 2007
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I've had a 92 Trooper, automatic, V6, 4x4, with 155k miles for almost 2 years now. I haven't been able to take it on out of town trips. Before I bought it, I took it to a mechanic that is a friend of the family so I trusted him. He said the only issue was a cracked valve cover gasket.

It seems to run fine except for the engine sometimes knocking. And a lot of the times when I come to a stop and am slowing down to a stop light or something, it won't idle smooth, it will kind of do a tiny rev a few times until I'm stopped. If I drive for awhile the check engine light usually comes on, then will turn off if I brake and come almost to a stop. The time I did try to take it on the highway, I made it no more than 20 miles out before there were poofs of black smoke coming out of the exhaust, and all the sudden I couldn't maintain speed even with gas pedal down, and I stopped and it was knocking like crazy, doing the little rev thing, and barely run. So of course I turned around and went home. I've never had a problem with it otherwise as far as stalling out or dying or anything. I think it stalled out once at an intersection within a couple months of buying it, but that's it. Never had an issue with in-town driving.

Does this sound like nothing but what that guy told me when I got it, a cracked valve gasket cover? Something else? If you may be able to diagnose it based on what I've said, what sort of cost we talking about for repair? Thanks!

Lynda, moderator

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First thing i'd change would be spark plugs / leads / distributor cap and rotor (if it has them) and fuel filter.
If no change after that, change the coolant temp sensor.
I'm pretty much a novice, can you explain what effect all of those replacements would have? I did forget to mention that the fuel pump and filter were replaced not long after I got it..Fuel pump had gone out.
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I still wouldnt rule out the fuel filter.
Why was the pump changed? Could be that the fuel tank had crap in it, and maybe still does. Filter is cheap and easy to do, and may rule out a few of the symptoms.

Change the cheap things first and see what happens, it's hard to diagnose from 4000 miles away :LOL:
I pulled the check engine codes and got

24 vehicle speed sensor

32 EGR valve

Reading up on a site about the EGR valve, some people take it out and soak it in carburator cleaner and that does the trick. What say you folks?

Sounds like that could be causing the engine ticking. Where would I find it on a 92 Trooper, and is it easy to remove/put back on?