Loud engine??

5 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I have a Vauxhall vivaro Swb 2.0 van, it's 2007 and just gone over 130,000 miles
I've begun to notice the engine seems louder as I get over 2000 revs, whether it's motorway or town centre driving. My auto-electrician told me a couple of years back that the high speed fan had become faulty, the engine management lights are permanently on, but it wouldn't cause any issues driving wise. I'm worried I may have missed a warning with the light being permanently on.
Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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The first test, with the engine running, is to put the palm of your hand on the exhaust tail pipe and listen to hear any escaping gas further up the system.
John :)
Thanks for the reply.
It's a long opening on the exhaust so I stuffed a few rags in there, in less than 30 seconds the pressure was too much and I couldn't keep them stuffed in any longer. They just edged past my fingers releasing the fumes.
I'm not clued up with vehicles/engines so I'm not sure if I've done the right thing.
Many thanks again
So, we can assume that the exhaust is fine so excess noise is not coming from there.
Is the noise more of a mechanical rattle, or a booming sound?
I suspect a cracked exhaust manifold, but I don't know if that's common on these vans or not.
John :)
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Thanks John,
The noise seems to be coming from the engine, but I only say that as I can hear it from inside the cab , it makes no sounds when stationary.
The sound is a bit like a "whum whum" when accelerating and then a steady "hum" when at a constant speed.
Hope that's enough info :-/
It sounds typically like the exhaust manifold blowing due to a failed gasket, crack or even just loose bolts......bear in mind though, pattern exhausts aren't as solid as original ones so if you've had a recent replacement this could be where to look.
It would be handy to get the vehicle on a ramp to have a good look around.....exhaust blows often leave soot marks around the area.
John :)
I'll have to get her booked in at my garage, I've had no problems ever with the exhaust and I'm the only owner.
Am I ok to keep using it until the garage can fit me in? Hope so, I'm busier than busy at the minute.
Again many thanks
Hi all.
It's all sorted, turned out to be the wheel bearings. Runs as good as new now.
Thanks for the help
Pleased you got it sorted....wheel bearing usually manifest themselves by droning loudly on turns, rather than a constant noise.
Threw me a bit, that one!
John :)
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